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Trump’s Ties With The Israeli Election

Donald J. Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have engaged in alliances of corrupt behaviors. According to the CNN news report, Trump has said that “it’s time for the U.S. to recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights.” President Trump could have an effect on the Israeli election because of this close relationship. President Trump has most recently been advocating for giving Israel more land to add to their original country, along with much approval and satisfaction with Israel to follow. This high recognition from Trump could impact the results of the Israeli election in favor of the Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel is holding its election on April 9, 2019 and Netanyahu is running again as Prime Minister, after serving twelve years. Netanyahu is running against the Blue and White party’s Benjamin Gantz, otherwise known as Benny Gantz. Although Gantz is Netanyahu’s biggest competitor, Netanyahu seems to be taking the lead, possibly because of the new friendship with Trump.

This picture shows Trump’s embrace with Netanyahu depicting their special alliance. Photo: Washington Post

Trump’s recent comments about Netanyahu have become a huge part of the Israeli election. The people of Israel seem to be largely impacted by Netanyahu’s relationship with Trump, which as the election has shown, is in favor of the current Prime Minister. The people have not been informed of Netanyahu’ recent charges of bribery, which may land him possible jail time, for one count of bribery and two counts of fraud if not elected back into power. He has bribed his confidants into giving him “positive press” in exchange for regulatory changes worth millions of dollars. His relationship with Trump, who could have given private information to Russia, and himself, is charged with bribery and fraud, makes it not such a surprise that the two corrupt men in high power have some kind of alliance.

Could this be why Trump so suddenly sought out to help his friend? Maybe. It is possible that in some way Trump may be taken advantage of by other countries due to his observed ties with Russia. Lots of different ideas have been formed about Trump’s behavior during this Israeli election. Longtime Democratic supporters of close U.S.-Israel ties have been forced to regroup after freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar suggested Israel’s supporters are motivated by political donations, in which Trump was involved. Trump’s suddenly closer relationship has gotten sketchy and could be detrimental to America as a country, for he is our representative. So, this beneficial partnership with Trump and Netanyahu could impact the Israeli elections in favor of Netanyahu.  Israel will most likely keep this prime minister for the future, if this alliance between Trump and Netanyahu stays, possibly the next big dictatorship in the world.

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