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How To Tell If Your Loved One Is Suffering From Depression

Depression is a very scary thing and not just for the people who are personally suffering, the people around them find the illness terrifying as well. When you don’t know if someone you care about is slowly losing their grip on life and hope, it’s important to keep a wide eye on them and let them know that they will be okay. If you have a feeling your loved one is suffering from depression, here are some ways to look for symptoms.

WARNING: Depression hits everyone differently: these symptoms list might not affect some people with depression but they are common things that occur to most people.

Behavior Changes

Depression brings a person mentally down constantly so, at some point, it will be obvious when someone is losing a battle against the illness. If they stop enjoying doing the things they love, being with their bed more than their friends or just have a sad attitude they can’t shake off, there is a chance something is wrong. Sudden outbursts over small matters are also common symptoms.

A Messy Environment

When depression swings, it can leave someone to believe that nothing matters. This leads them to not care about their surroundings. If your loved one has always been a neat, clean person and suddenly they’re leaving clothes on the floor, keeping trash on the nightstand, or not showering, there might be something wrong. This includes no longer caring about their appearance. Even if the person is naturally messy, they might get even messier.

Crazy Sleep Schedules 

Like mentioned before, a person most likely will have a difficult time leaving their bed. Their thoughts consume them and convince them that it’s best to stay where it’s safe, where it’s only them and their illness whom is lying to them about what they can and can’t do. Depression affects sleep in different ways for different people. Some people lose sleep because their mind is racing and others sleep more than they should because when they’re asleep, they can’t be trapped with their thoughts. Look out for bags underneath their eyes, a constant need to rest their head in their hand to keep them from falling asleep, and a bland attitude.

Physical Pain

Not only does depression affect someone emotionally and mentally, but it also affects them physically. Constant headaches, stomach pains, back pains, and aches all over the body. Symptoms such as these are difficult to notice since you are unable to see pain, however, pay attention to see if your loved one appears to be in pain or complains about something hurting.

Appetite Development

When it comes to depression, a person’s appetite can either decrease or increase. Sometimes, it doesn’t change at all but it is important to keep eyes open. If your loved one begins to eat less than usual, make sure you get them to eat. A decrease in eating can lead to other disorders such as anorexia. Binge-eating is the opposite, however, it is just as dangerous and just as serious.

Once again, depression affects each person differently. Not everyone will have these symptoms but it is very important to keep an eye open, even for the smallest details. If you get to a point where your concerns are increasing, talk to your loved one. Ask them about their situation and if there is anything you can do to help. Sometimes, just letting someone know that you’re by their side can be the push they need to get help.

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