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The Mueller Report Is Ammunition For Trump’s Rhetoric

The claim that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russians in the 2016 election has been haunting Trump like a phantom for the last two years. The investigation that Robert Mueller was conducting has been closely watched and what it says about the president could be permanently damaging. Well, the summary report from Mueller and the special security council came out to the public on Sunday, March 24. While it does show that the Russians were trying to influence the election and that some of Trump’s associates were involved, it does not show any meaningful connection between Trump and Russia for his election campaign. Trump will use this to its full potential moving forward and the American people will not hear the end of it.

Just watch Trump and his cabinet’s response to the news over the report, they will use these findings to their full advantage to tear into the Democrats and help their 2020 election. Trump has already appeared several times showing his pleasure for findings saying that “the Mueller report was great. It could not have been better. It said no obstruction, no collusion. It could not have been better.” This will certainly be a major pushing point for everyone in his cabinet in the media, claiming that the Democrats were at fault for wasting time with such an investigation, to begin with. Even going so far to say that Democrats have lied and committed treason.

Many of Trump’s political rallies in the weeks to come will certainly hold up the Mueller investigation as a major victory. Trump will use this as a new way to energize his base supporters. He’s already sent out a flurry of tweets about the report to rally his supporters behind the report. In a tweet, he claims “The Mainstream Media is under fire and being scorned all over the World as being corrupt and FAKE.” Making another tweet Trump calling the Russian collusion claims “should never have been started, a disgrace!”

The argument Trump has always made against “fake news” and the “mainstream media” are incredibly bolstered. With the findings of the report being what they are, Trump now has what he believes is definitive proof that the media is trying to spin stories about him. It’s the perfect event for Trump to use to show his base supporters that he can overcome anything that the evil media tries to throw at him. As long as he can come with some sort of reprisal, it seems he will always be in the clear for his voters. 

It’s not unusual for Trump to twist current events to his advantage either, in fact, he does it all the time. At least once every couple of weeks an event like this happens. Just look back at his history and you’ll see how often he pulls these kinds of stunts. When Kavanaugh did his testimony, Trump declared that the testimony was powerfully honest and that the whole process was a sham devised by the Democrats. When a major cold wave hit the United States last November, Trump exclaimed: “Whatever happened to climate change!?” When the Michael Cohen sentencing memos came out confirming that the president paid Stormy Daniels to keep quiet, Trump wisely said “Totally clears the President. Thank you!” When the midterm elections last year had the Democrats gain 40 seats in the house and the majority, all he tweeted was “Tremendous success tonight.” The President seems totally immune to whatever comes his way and can turn it to become a positive for his followers whether or not the facts clearly show it as a negative.

A major part of Donald Trump’s strategy is distraction, he uses the media and the internet to his advantage to get the American public to pay attention to aspects he wants them to look at. It’s political smoke and mirrors at its finest and it will be used consistently for the next two years our president is still in office. He lies constantly and turns the narrative whether or not the story he creates is actually true. It’s annoying at best and frankly immoral at worst. Trump is always playing a political game and creating his own truths.

How can the American people trust the president when it seems that he never accepts his faults? Trump seems oblivious to any opposition, he just does not seem to care.

The report the Democrats were hoping would be a major negative against Trump has become a major positive for his campaign and his image to his voters. It’s a complete turning of the tables. This is a best-case scenario for Trump when it comes to the report. He was poised and ready to strike on it, he will be milking it for as much as he can. Expect to keep hearing about this from the Trump camp for a long time to come.

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