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The “Logan Boulet Effect” Shines Through For Green Shirt Day

April 6, 2018 is a day many Canadians and members of the hockey community will never forget. The Humboldt Broncos of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League were on their way to Nipawin for game 5 of the best of 7, semifinal series. The game never happened. The bus carrying the team collided with a semi-trailer. 29 passengers were on board the bus, 16 of which lost their lives and the other 13 were injured.

One of the young men who passed away in the crash, 21-year-old Logan Boulet, had registered to be an organ donor on his 21st birthday, not long before the accident. Boulet wanted to register in honor of his former coach Ric Suggitt who saved six lives with organ donation when he passed away in 2017. When Boulet succumbed to his injuries on April 7, his parents knew his wish was to donate his organs which were able to save six lives.

The news about the donation spread across the country like wildfire. Canadians all over registered to become an organ donor as Logan Boulet’s actions inspired them. 100,000 registered to be organ donors just following the Humboldt tragedy.

In Canada alone, there are approximately 250 people who die each year waiting for a new organ. While close to 90% of people in Canada have shown support for organ donation, only 23% have registered and signed their donor cards.

This year on April 7th, one year since Boulet’s passing, the first-ever “Green Shirt Day” will take place in honor of the victims of the Humboldt tragedy and to bring awareness to the need for organ donors.

Wear a green shirt, start conversations and sign your donor cards. The “Logan Boulet Effect” has created waves and inspired so many people to change the lives of those in need. What inspired you to become a donor? Use the hashtags #LoganBouletEffect #GreenShirtDay #BeInspired to share your posts supporting the day.

Photo: LethbridgeNewsNOW

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Mikayla is a teenage writer from Canada. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys music and reading. She plays hockey and softball and loves to write.

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