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How Jeunesse Global is Changing the World Through Health and Philanthropy

Now, more than ever, consumers, young and old, are more conscious of their purchases and overall product value. We, as a society, are amidst a cultural change as we shift to provide leaner choices, promote healthier lifestyles, and encourage people to strive for overall well-being and personal confidence. In the past, youth and health were states of being, not commodities that could be worked towards. Youth was traditionally strictly associated with age and to care about one’s health at times led to ridicule; but with the push for Beyond Meat, Kombucha, Soul Cycle and other wellness organizations, times are changing.

At the forefront of this movement is Jeunesse Global, a company dedicated to providing products that benefit skin care, fitness, and overall health. The Florida-based company created a “Youth Enhancement System”, better known as YES, that features everything from daily supplements and skin creams and serums, to weight loss protein power and super-fruit snacks. Most importantly, Jeunesse products strive to keep people safe. For example, in a Medical Daily Times article, Jeunesse Global provided tips on how to find your perfect sunscreen to ensure all-day skin protection. But Jeunesse Global does so much more than promote wellness through supplementary products.

Courtesy of Jeunesse Global

The founders of Jeunesse, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, are dedicated to doing all they can for people around the world. In an interview, Randy once talked about the lack of food he had as a child, and how he and his little brother would eat mud pies because they had nothing else. As a result, Randy and Wendy started their philanthropy, Jeunesse Kids.

Jeunesse Kids partners with WE Charity and WE Villages to provide global aid to children in underprivileged communities. Through two branches, the nonprofit works to improve quality of life in five areas: health, education, clean water & sanitation, agriculture & food security, and income & livelihood opportunities.

Courtesy of Jeunesse Global

Through their village sponsorship branch, Jeunesse Kids now has adopted six communities and are working to help lift them out of poverty. This is done by building classrooms, implementing hand washing stations, providing health education, introducing mobile health clinics, and more. Most importantly, the nonprofit wants to empower the women and children of each community and help them establish a steady income.

One such program is doing just that. Named for the Swahili word for friend, the Rafiki bracelets are allowing women to take their future into their own hands. You may have heard of the Rafiki bracelets before from Lilly Singh, better known as YouTuber IISuperwomanII, who collaborated with WE to promote the #GirlLove Rafiki Bracelet.

These beautiful beaded bracelets are handmade by women in Kenya and Ecuador and sold around the world. 100% of the proceeds go to Jeunesse Kids where the money is used to advance the opportunities of the working women and help provide education to their children.

Those willing to give to Jeunesse Kids can make monthly or one-time donations, or purchase a Rafiki bracelet or Jeunesse Kids pin. With a Rafiki bracelet, you can track the impact of your purchase to see just what it is you helped do.

Courtesy of Jeunesse Global

Read more about Jeunesse Global here, and learn more about Jeunesse Kids and how you can help here.

Photo: Jeunesse Global

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