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How to be Happy, According to Science

Happiness is a fickle thing, especially when you want it but don’t know how to approach getting it. According to the world that is the internet, there are all types of things that can make you happy. You can go out with friends, dress yourself up and gain your self confidence, and some people even take up meditating as a way to relieve themselves of the unhappiness they’re feeling. Most of the time, the people searching for happiness are the people under stress. People who work full-time jobs, or are having difficult times in school. The usual remedy to this is hard work, and what you obtain in the process is what will make you happy. Does this work? Scientifically, apparently not. According to experts, all we’re doing is elongating the experience, and justifying the work-load. In the end, even with your goals achieved and medals won, can you be happy? Let’s see what science has to say about the matter.

Everyone is telling themselves that if they work hard, they’ll be happy. According to science, however, what they should really be thinking is that if they’re happy, they can work hard and be more successful. Happy people accomplish more. Basically, we have to be happy to reach our goals—but how can we be happy? I mean, that’s the whole focus of this theory, right? But then I slowly realized, that’s the point. You can’t tell yourself that your achievements will make you happy, you have to figure out how to be happy to reach said achievements. So let’s figure that out, with the help of science.

Photo: Gian Cescon/Unsplash

There are actually many very helpful suggestions you can find on what is scientifically proven to make you happy. Here are some that even I’ve tried for the relevancy of this article, and have worked for me and others like me.

1. Get More Sleep

I know I sound like every other doctor or scientist out there, and you probably think I’m not giving you thought-out and accurate information, but I swear this works. The more well rested you are, the better chances you are to have a good day, which for me, good days make me happy.

2. Help Others

I’ve been doing this my whole life, and basically, the compassion you give to others honestly just makes you feel good. I’ve never not loved knowing that I’ve made someone’s day better, or helped their troubles pass in some way. It’s just like treating others the way you want to be treated, with a little added bonus of happiness.

3. Just Plain Old Nature

Go outside! Take your dog for a walk, or grab a book and read at a park or on a bench. Do this and it’s like the Vitamin C the sun gives you is fueling your heart. I swear, whenever I’m having an off day, going outside is so helpful. It allows me to get out of my head, and enjoy my surroundings.

Happiness is possible and you don’t have to break your bank account to get it. Sometimes, the simplest of things can control your mood for the rest of your day, so why not give that thing a reason to push your mood in the right direction? Why not allow yourself happiness? Get in the mindset that being happy fuels your goals!

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez

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