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Indonesia Has Officially Broken Three Guinness World Records

Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day is in just one week, August 17th, and plenty of Indonesian divers, and some from other countries, have broken three Guinness World Records; Longest Human Chain Underwater, Most People Scuba Diving Simultaneously and Largest Flag Unfurled Underwater. This event was held by Wanita Selam Indonesia, Indonesia’s Women Diving Organization, or WASI, at Megamas Beach, Manado, North Sulawesi and included divers from various ages, gender and tribes across Indonesia. They also had help from the Indonesian National Armed Forces. This event was lead by Tri Tito Karnavian, head of WASI and the wife of Police-General Tito Karnavian.

The first record that was broken was the Guinness World Record for the Longest Human Chain Underwater. With 578 divers, beating the previous record that was made last year by Dixie Divers (USA) that involved 386 divers. These 578 divers were underwater for around seven minutes. This record was broken on August 1, 2019 started around 08.40 o’clock Indonesia Central Standard Time and the record was approved by Guinness World 10 minutes after it started.

The second record was Guinness World Record for the Most People Scuba Diving Simultaneously. This new record was set on August 3, 2019 with 3,131 divers who had been preparing themselves since morning. This new record beat the last one which was also made by Indonesia and also held in Manado. The previous record was made by the Indonesian Navy that included 2,486 divers on August 17, 2009, exactly on Indonesia’s 64th Independence Day.

Also on August 3, fourteen days before Independence Day, the third record was made: Guinness World Record for the Largest Flag Unfurled Underwater. The Indonesian flag was successfully unfurled underwater with 1,014 square meters as the total size of the flag, beating the size of the last record which was the Argentinian flag (166.62 square meters) that was unfurled in Sydney, Australia on December 5, 2017.

Also, before breaking two world records today, the 3,131 divers held an underwater flag-raising ceremony that was led by Police-General Tito Karnavian. This world record-breaking event might seem alarming to some in concern for the underwater ecosystem; divers might stomp and break corals, but the divers made sure this would not happen by holding the event 5 to 8 meters underwater. These divers also were standing above sand which is harmless to the underwater ecosystem since the sand has small amount of corals.

These divers broke three world records just on the brink of Indonesia’s upcoming 74th Independence Day, and these amazing feats seem like the perfect early gifts for it. The fact that these divers managed to break three world records shows that they have great teamwork and determination to bring more world recognition to Indonesia. This event also set as an example and motivation for Indonesians to set and break more world records in the future, in order to increase Indonesia’s world presence and the appreciation of the people and cultures within it.

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