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Will Bloomberg’s Past Make Him a Good President for Our Future?

Michael Bloomberg only qualified for the Las Vegas debate for Democratic presidential candidates, and his first performance on stage (as well as the polls showed a three point decline) showed that Bloomberg was not ready for that stage and to represent Democrats.  His debate performance was so bad, that the Washington Post even wrote answers that he should have used for the attacks candidates threw on him such as stop and frisk policies, and his status as a billionaire.

Bloomberg qualifies for Tuesday night’s debate at South Carolina and his staff are all gearing up to better prepare him for it than before. Bloomberg’s team have released that they will be focusing on Bernie Sanders as the one opponent Bloomberg needs to defeat. This is incredibly apparent of his Nuke Bernie approach where Bloomberg has released advertisements slamming Sanders for the Vermont senator’s checkered history with the NRA and Bloomberg’s definite and oppositional response to the NRA. 

However, Michael Bloomberg and his team’s claim that Sanders is not strong enough to go against Trump is colored by the ugly thought voiced by Warren. At a Denver rally, she spoke to people saying that switching Bloomberg as president in the stead of Trump was “trading one arrogant billionaire for another.”

Bloomberg’s “arrogance” or his past actions have come back to haunt him recently. One of the most recent is his slew of former female workers who have signed NDA’s after alleged sexual assault or harassment in the workplace, and only recently has his company released 3 women from their NDA’s. Bloomberg’s partner former Wall Street executive Diana Taylor said at a “Women for Mike” event in Houston that those women involved in the NDA’s should get over it because it happened a long time ago and he didn’t mean it.  Bloomberg also denies these allegations and his intent on his wording, yet his sexual assault allegations keep coming back to haunt him.

Another issue is the stop-and-frisk policy that had impacted 5.08 million Black men and women during Bloomberg’s term as mayor of New York City. Bloomberg issued an apology to Black and Latinx communities that have impacted by the policy, but to some, it falls on deaf ears. Specifically because weeks before he entered the Democratic race, he defended his policy.

As Bloomberg continues with his campaign, it is time to reflect on his past choices that have deeply effected individuals today. It is also time to see if Bloomberg has that momentum of supporters needed to carry him as a candidate with a racist and sexist past to a President of the United States.

Bloomberg and his team have made headlines for their social media advertisements, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, on search pages, bulletin boards, and anything that Bloomberg can put his name and face to. Bloomberg has even paid people up to $2,500 a month to post favorably about Bloomberg, but that necessarily doesn’t mean that they personally support Bloomberg just to create more traction.

Bloomberg, pardon the pun, is a late bloomer in the Democratic presidential stage. He is also further ostracized by his poor performance on stage and polls, and his approach to issues in the past with social justice like racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia. The only thing that can dredge up support for him is an increase and swift change in public opinion. Could that actually be possible due to the variety of people he targeted or hurt during his time as mayor?

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