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The Impact of Coronavirus On Guam’s Tourism Industry and Its Prevention

The coronavirus is becoming a larger threat, not only affecting the health of citizens but also the economy of tourist spots, such as Guam. The island at the Pacific is in danger, but not to the extent that’s exaggerated on media. The probability of catching the virus from other countries is particularly low. In fact, the common flu statistically affects more individuals, but does not have as much coverage on social media

As cases of coronavirus start to emerge, trip cancellations across the globe had been implemented. Guam is susceptible to the disease, since there are many tourists that come to the island for vacation.

The tourism industry fuels Guam’s economy. With tourism as the main commodity of Guam, however, it would be a challenge to prioritize the health of inhabitants or the economy. The health of the citizens must be highly protected than to the economy’s status.

Photo courtesy of Ecohealth Alliance

While tourism is the source of sustenance for many people, the direct attack of the coronavirus would have a greater consequence than the shortages of health resources of people.

If the tourism industry plummets, hotels, transportation and companies would need aid from the government. The administration would face the challenge of covering a large scale of various industries dependent on tourists.

Canceling flights from direct sources of the virus would prevent the disease from coming on the island quickly. As of now, it seems as though the streets of Guam have become less crowded due to trip cancellations. Tourists were discouraged from coming on island while some airlines prevented them.

Not all trips, however, were canceled because some airlines have their own regulations. There were still a huge amount people who are coming to Guam, from tourists to military personnel. Therefore, there is a possibility that the virus can spread that way. Additionally, as an alternative to canceling trips, screening people who come from different places may be a great idea. The method, however, seems ineffective because there is a mere chance that the virus can be overlooked.

A virus causing severe health issues should not be taken lightly. Citizens should use their media platforms to educate others on how to protect one’s health from potential diseases.

The community has a crucial role in spreading educational information about the virus and its prevention. The citizens of Guam can maintain their health by being more aware and incorporating prevention into daily life.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released laboratory test kits for the 2019 novel coronavirus. Photo courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The idea of the international dissemination of a viral and fatal disease is not something that comes across peoples’ minds very often. Hand sanitizers and masks are bought frequently, but to what extent is its effectiveness? Washing one’s hands must not be taken lightly in order to prevent infection.

Masks can also be effective in preventing infection. However, bacteria can grow on the outside of the mask and inside it if worn too long. It is wise to remove the mask by the straps around your ears and to avoid touching the mask during disposal. Producers should check whether their meat is good enough for consumption. The community should help each other to make sure that the outbreak does not spread.

The dissemination of bacteria from one person to another is more likely to occur in large crowds, so it is vital to maintain a distance between oneself and sick individuals.

The most effective prevention method would be to control tourists who come to the island. If people are more educated more about the coronavirus and its prevention, fatalities can be hindered and eventually stopped.

Businesses that rely on tourists offered great deals to locals in order to compensate for their loss. Some restaurants, hotels, services and stores in Tumon—Guam’s tourist spot—drastically reduced their prices. Although the economy is declining, Guam is fortunate to not have any confirmed cases of the coronavirus.


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