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Things To Do At Home During Quarantine

With the ever-growing COVID-19 outbreak, millions of citizens are taking up the responsibility to self-isolate. As almost everything is getting shut down (work, schools, extracurricular activities) people are noticing all the wasted time on their hands. Concerts, shows, sporting events and festivals — they’re all being swept away from the public’s reach.

Being at home with no place to go and no plans to make may seem like a boring deed, but with a little creativity, it can have a productive and even fun outcome. Here are some things you can do while in quarantine to spice up your now isolated life.

1. Practice The Arts

I think we all have goals in our minds to learn a new instrument, write a short story, start painting, etc. that we never quite have enough time to achieve. Well, now’s your chance! With your newfound free-time, pick up a guitar and learn those strings. Pull out a notebook and put your ideas onto paper. Take the chance you might not have for long to make small strides in your many interests.

2. Have An At-Home Movie Day

Although you can’t actually leave your home and head to a nearby showing, you can always do it from your living room. Make some popcorn, grab some soda and snacks and watch that movie you’ve been meaning to see. Binge that TV show your friends have been talking about but you’ve never had the time to start until now.

3. Learn Something New

There are so many ways to expand our knowledge and vocabulary on certain topics, so why not start now? Learn a language, using apps or sites such as Duolingo  and Preply, read an informational book (or really any book of any genre) or even take an online class on something interesting or useful. Even though libraries are closed, you can still purchase or find free e-books for your enjoyment! Many things are accessible.

4. Take Care Of Yourself

Self-care has always been important, but not many people prioritize it. Take a bath, and use that bath bomb that’s been sitting in your room for a year. Put on a face mask and do your nails. You could even be impulsive and dye your hair/change the style (example: bangs). There are many different things you could do during this time to take care of yourself, so why not do it?

5. Deep Clean

This may not sound like the most fun option, but deep clean your area! You’re going to be spending more time than usual at home, so why not enjoy the space? Clean your closet, your room, and other stubborn places you tend to ignore. You could even go through your old clothes and belongings to give-away for when the stores open back up.

Clearly, there are options you can take advantage of other than sitting at home being bored. Make goals, review old ones, and use this time to complete tasks you never thought you’d get around to completing.

Photo: Nicole Wolf via Unsplash

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