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Beirut Blast: A Devastating Blow to the Nation

A massive explosion that took place in Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday has shocked the world and seen an unfortunate loss. Highly explosives materials stored in the capital ignited and the explosion destroyed several buildings, houses, and cars. The death count is 135 and is expected to rise while many other individuals are left wounded.

At the time of the explosion, the cause was unclear but officials have concluded it to be tonnes of aluminum nitrate.

The magnitude of the explosion could be felt miles away. A BBC interview was being conducted when it took place. The loud explosive sound can be heard and the fear can be seen.

Aftermath and Support

Lebanon’s government has announced a two-week state of emergency and investigations of the explosion have resulted in a number of Beirut officials to be on house arrest. The Beirut port is an essential part of Lebanon’s survival. The amount of food shortage has left people starving and it doesn’t help when the country is drowning in an economic crisis.

The condition of the people in Lebanon is devastating. Mohamad Safa, a UN representative shines a light on how the wounded are being treated. The healthcare staff is witnessing a war in hospitals but defeat is something they don’t accept and resilience is evident in the Lebanese

Countries around the world have shown their support by paying a tribute or sending aid to Lebanon. The gulf countries have been most forthcoming with their help.

Qatar has The country announced that it would send field hospitals to Lebanon. This includes beds, generators and burn sheets to help the injured.

Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan have promised to dispatch field hospitals as well.

Social Media Awareness

Influencers are using their platforms to raise awareness on how to help Lebanon. Charity organisations and donation funds are being globally collected to aid the families and wounded individuals in Beirut.

This is a devastating blow to a nation that is crippling with an economic crisis since the civil war and global aid is needed. Social media has played a vital role in allowing the global community to help therefore making it a global citizen’s duty to lend support and be a reminder of humanity. Many are raising their voice to call for action for places that have seen these disasters for too long.

Featured Image: H Assaf

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