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How to spruce up your home on a budget

We all have a home, be it with our parents, living in university accommodation, or in a house share with some friends abroad. Putting your very own stamp on a property can be difficult, especially on a budget. It’s a great thing to do, though. 


There are numerous decorating hacks that can elevate a room in an instant, and you don’t have to spend the world either. Making a house a home is vitally important. If a home never truly feels like your own, then you’ll be keen to move on and move out. It’s good to freshen up a space from time to time too, especially ahead of a killer party or – probably more likely – afterwards, when your house doesn’t look the same. Even when you get older and have your own place, sprucing up a home is generally the done thing from time to time. We all need to learn how to be more adult at times, right? Only at times, though. 


With that in mind, here are some cheap ways you can spruce up your home. 


Hide your router 


A clever way of hiding an internet router, be it in your bedroom or in a communal living area, is by hollowing out a book so you can place the router inside it. From there, you can sit ornaments on top of it. Routers are important, of course, and they’re there to help us do everything online, like play casino games like Age of Gods, where you can find out more information here at, alongside giving us the ability to keep tabs on friends and family on social media or watch the latest movies on Netflix. They’re ugly little devices, though, aren’t they? Do the right thing, hide them. 


Use chalkboard paint on the inside of cupboard doors


A cheap and cheerful way to improve your kitchen cupboards is by spraying the inside of them with chalkboard paint. From there, you can use a variety of colours to give your kitchen an improved look, specifically designed by you, thanks to the help of some chalkboard paint. You could even write your shopping list in chalk on the inside of a cupboard, too. There’s so much you can do, and it costs very little.


Make some cushions 

(Image via


For people who enjoy carrying out some home improvements of their own, making cushions tends to be a favourite way of doing it. Not only is it kind on the wallet but they’re a fantastically creative and simple way of improving a room too. All you need to do is find an old or even a new cushion you don’t like the look of, pick a fabric you like, either sew or use fabric glue to add it onto the pillow, then from there find a suitable place for it in your home. It’s as simple as that. 


Art, anyone? 


Art is subjective, which is why anyone can create their very own design and incorporate it into their bedroom or around the house. Try purchasing a blank canvas and decorating it with gold or silver thumbtacks, pieces of fabric, perhaps your favourite pictures or postcards, or anything along those lines. Not only is it easy to do, but it can create a whole new vibe in a room also. 


Give your table some personality 


This is probably the hard part, but find someone who can cut a piece of safety glass to the size of your table. From there, you can let your imagination run free and tuck photos, album covers, movie posters, postcards and the like underneath it to give you a table full of character.

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