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How to Choose a Drama School

Choosing the best drama school for you can seem like a daunting challenge, especially when the fees for auditioning are increasing with each year that passes. Most drama students agree that you’ll get a special feeling when you visit the right school for you but you can’t base your decision on that. There are so many other factors to consider with location, program types, and reputation being some of the most important. Let’s run through each of these factors in a little more detail and explain what you need to look out for exactly. 


Many of the renowned drama schools are located in big cities like New York, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. If you live out of state and your dream is to attend one of these schools, moving will be an inevitable part of this next chapter in your life. The experience you’ll have will be wonderful and you’ll get the best start possible by attending an acclaimed school but the upfront costs of accommodation and living in a major city will eat into your savings pretty quick. There’s always the option of taking out personal loans from a private lender to cover the costs so you don’t have to worry. You’ll be left with one monthly repayment and there are options with low-interest rates. 


Like most courses these days, the reputation of the school you attend will play a huge part in how future agents and directors view you. Network with drama school graduates of each school you’re interested in and ask questions about their experience when applying for different roles. Did they get rejected based on the school’s reputation or were they accepted because their school was part of a certain group? Reach out to agents and make inquiries about which schools are held in the highest regard in their professional opinions. Dig deep on Google to find out about each school’s principles and what federations they’re aligned with. 

Program Types

You know you want to study drama but have you decided what qualification you want to get? Would you be happy starting out with a foundation course and working your way up to an undergraduate BA degree? Or have you already got a year or two study completed and you’d like to get a master’s degree in acting? First, you need to decide what you want and then create a shortlist of schools that offer that course. 

There’s a lot to take in when searching for the right school to attend so don’t rush the process. During this time, it’s important to keep busy in the role of acting as much as possible. Doing so will not only benefit you as a performer, but it will also show you in the best light when it comes to auditioning for drama schools. The tutors and other important people on the board will love that you have the tenacity and drive to get all the experience you can during this important time in your life. 


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