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Formula 1 Drivers Who Love to Play in the Casino

It’s easy to assume that professional athletes such as Formula 1 drivers have dedicated their lives to the sport and don’t participate in anything other than it. However, they’re human and like all of us, these drivers often need something to help them to unwind and reset after a grueling racing championship.

While many of them opt to go on luxurious holidays, there is a handful that has opted to find their find elsewhere. This can either be land-based or the best gambling website, with some of the best games that are played for high stakes. 

Here we’ll be taking a closer look at a few Formula 1 drivers that love playing at casinos. Just like us, these world-class athletes need to take a break. This is where we’ve touched base with Kevin Cochran, (view profile), who has provided us with the following information:

The Most Relaxing Casino Games

It can be quite relaxing to kick back after a long day and access one of the best online casino Canada to play some of your favorite games. However, some games are known for being more calming than others.

Some of the most relaxing casino games include online poker and slots, simply because the former allows you to play with friends, while the latter also provides you with the opportunity to play for free and this is offered at the best online casinos.

Many traditional card games also allow you to break away from technology while also providing the mind with necessary stimulation.

Formula 1 Drivers that Play Casino Games

Michael Schumacher 

The greatest of all time, Michael Schumacher is a living legend and despite being retired, he still has millions of fans around the world. Schumacher has accumulated seven Formula 1 championship wins over his illustrious career; however, racing isn’t the only thing he loves doing.

Schumacher is also known for being a huge fan of playing card games such as poker, and throughout his career, he was known to compete against other drivers and in a handful of charity tournaments. 

Schumacher had also spent a lot of time playing poker when he had free time as he found that it was a great way to his mind active. Poker is known to be a game that tests your wits and you’ll be able to play at best online casino Canada

Robert Kubica

F1’s sole Polish driver might not be playing at mobile casinos or new casinos; however, Robert Kubica has had a good career as a driver but is also known to be one of the best poker players to emerge from the sport.

Kubica had found a love for card games quite early in his career and has made a transition to playing in professional tournaments after experiencing a near-fatal crash in 2011. Like Schumacher, Kubica also played poker intending to keep his mind active. 

However, he has since quit playing poker due to falling out of love with the game. Many professional poker players have recognized his talent as a card player which means that there might be a possibility of him returning. 

Giancarlo Fisichella

Known affectionately by the F1 world as Fisi, Giancarlo Fisichella has had an eventful career as an F1 driver having raced for the best teams in the world. However, he was by no means the best in the world and has only had four podium finishes throughout his career with over 200 races. 

The Italian driver has also established a name for himself within the poker world and has competed in a variety of tournaments. This includes an event that had taken place at the Crown Casino in Melbourne in 2009. 

Jaime Alguersuari

Before Max Verstappen, Jaime Alguersuari was known as the youngest F1 driver to burst onto the scene at the tender age of 17 at the Hungarian Grand Prix. However, his career lasted two years, and much like Fisi, Alguersuari opted to sign up as an ambassador for a mind sports website. 

Alguersuari has also competed in a range of international poker tournaments such as the World Poker Championship and the EPT. He continues to enjoy competing in a range of live events to this day.

Similarities Between F1 and Card Games

Physically, the two are like night and day; however, when it comes down to the mental aspect of playing cards, you’ll need to be able to make quick decisions and the same applies to F1. There’s also a lot of technology that’s used in these games, much like an F1 car. 

Before a decision is made, all factors need to be considered and this is where the two are very similar. The rush that comes with playing a high-stakes game of cards is similar to driving a powerful F1 car, which is why many drivers opt to play poker once they retire. 

There is yet to be an incredibly successful driver to have the same effect on the poker world, but only time will tell what happens next.

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