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Mental Health and Gambling

Most of us have been stuck at home in these uncertain times. And many of us have turned to gambling to entertain ourselves. But is that good or bad for our mental health?


We spoke to Klara Czerwinska, who is an expert in gambling online. To get more tips and advice on gambling and mental health in Poland, you can see more of Klara’s work here.


  • Online Casinos

Let’s begin by looking at online casinos. One misconception about gambling is that online casino games fail to provide any of the more positive aspects of land-based casinos. 


One of these aspects is the opportunity to socialize. Well, thanks to Polish live casinos like Boomerang casino, that’s now changed. There are also other casinos such as those in Thailand, like goldenslot.


Live dealer casino games proved a human touch, as players can chat while playing. Land-based casinos may be known for their social aspect, but it’s often the same old faces. While playing live dealer casinos online, players can chat with dealers and fellow players from all over the world. 


In fact, during the pandemic, live casinos even allow people to play with remote family and friends. This can promote healthy relationships by enabling people to stay close through online games while they’re unable to bond physically. And it might just help to explain why online casinos have become so popular in Poland recently.


  • Gambling and Addiction

Now for some harsh realities. Gambling and depression are no strangers. Unfortunately, that’s also true of gambling and addiction.


Gambling addiction particularly becomes an issue when people can’t control themselves and it starts to have a negative impact on other areas of their lives, such as work, relationships, and finance. It may affect them quite severely before they even realize it’s an issue.


Many people who become addicted are regarded as being dependable and responsible. A change in behavior can develop from the following triggers:


  • Environmental factors, including friends and available opportunities.
  • Other addictions
  • Loneliness
  • Emotional upheaval, including anxiety and depression.
  • Job-induced tree
  • Trauma
  • Retirement


Some medications have also been linked to an increased risk of compulsive gambling.


  • Helping an Addicted Gambler

Dealing with a friend or family member who is suffering from a gambling addiction isn’t easy. If you’re in this situation, here are a few things you should do.


  • Set limits when it comes to family finances. Don’t pay off any gambling debts for the person concerned.
  • Encourage open and honest communication with the person.
  • Take a calm approach when discussing the problem with the person and avoid becoming angry or lecturing.
  • Recognize that the person still has their good qualities. Be sure to continue including them in any group activities they would normally be involved in.


So is gambling bad for our mental health, and that’s it? Or is there another side to the story?


  • The Positive Side of Gambling

Others like to argue why gambling is good. They might just have a point. For example, by taking a more calculated approach, such as working out the odds of winning a certain event and developing strategies, people can make their favorite gambling activities work in their favor. 


So those who make faster decisions and remain calm in stressful stations are less likely to experience conflicts. Furthermore, they often demonstrate innovative or effective thinking abilities. 


  • Gambling and Happiness

Research by Southern Illinois University’s Behavior analysis and therapy program has proven that gambling can have a positive effect on mood. In fact, the research revealed that those who counted gambling among their hobbies were overall happier than those who didn’t.


The study also revealed that an individual’s happiness increased while they were actively gambling. When compared with Individuals who instead chose television as their entertainment source, those who gambled were happier. So, one way to enhance life and be happier is to pick gambling as a hobby.


  • Comfort and Relaxation

These are two of the biggest factors that can protect our mental health. Comfort and relaxation are experienced through fun. And most of those who win big at gambling go off and reward themselves with pleasure and entertainment.  


So not only does winning give the wallet a nice boost, it provides some attractive health benefits too. Comfort and relaxation help to relieve stress levels, improve brain performance, and enhance socializing. So that’s a great excuse to play casino games and bet on our favorite sports then.


  • Conclusion

Gambling certainly affects our mental health. But then, clearly, that isn’t always a bad thing. Just always remember to gamble responsibly and have fun. 


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