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Why Data Backup Is Important for Businesses?

Data backup and recovery of data from a cloud storage provider is necessary for businesses to comply with local and federal regulations. Regulating bodies depend on information being available in a secure and reliable manner. Data backup and recovery of data from cloud storage providers like Synology is necessary to comply with local and federal laws. There are many reasons to have a Synology cloud backup and recovery plan in place. Protecting data from theft is the top priority for many business owners and government agencies.

Data Backup and Recovery:

Backup and recovery of data from cloud storage providers are critical to maintaining compliance with local and federal laws. By having a data backup, you are assuring that any regulatory, accounting, or financial data will still be retrievable. In an economic crisis, government regulators and tax departments are under pressure to produce statistics that are timely and accurate. In the current economic environment, the importance of accurate data cannot be stressed enough. Regulators and tax departments rely on data backup and recovery to meet their deadline requirements.

Protect Your Business:

Backup and recovery of data from a cloud storage provider are also important because they protect your business as a whole. A business cannot function effectively if vital information is lost from the business. If a business is forced to shut down operations, it will not have access to vital information and data that are vital to the business operation. If a business is the victim of data theft and no backup and recovery plan are put into place, it could cost the business thousands of dollars in legal fees and penalties.

Natural Disaster:

Natural disasters are another reason to have a backup and recovery plan in place. Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, storms, tornados can destroy a business data storage or network infrastructure. This type of disaster is usually more expensive than other types of disasters to remedy.

Off-Site Data Storage:

Another reason for data backup technology in today’s world is the ability to store data off-site. Offsite data backup offers a number of benefits for businesses. Offsite storage offers a higher level of security to data because it is not at risk of being stolen or destroyed by fire, flood, or a computer virus. Offsite storage can also provide businesses with a greater level of flexibility because there is no physical backup of the business data. It is stored on an off-site server, which is managed by the backup company.


One type of off-site storage that businesses can purchase is duplication. Deduplication is the process of compressions of data so that all of the data saved on one drive is compressed so that only the information that is necessary is stored on that drive. Data duplication saves space and time because it only stores the required data on one drive. For businesses that store a large amount of information, this can be extremely important.

Data duplication can also save businesses money because it reduces the cost of hardware that businesses have to buy for their backup needs. When a business uses duplicated storage, they are still able to purchase additional hard drives or flash drives that will help them recover their information quickly if a disaster occurs. Data duplication will store all of your data on one compact flash drive. Hard drives are becoming less efficient in this day and age, so it is imperative that businesses keep their backup on other devices.


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