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Working As A Croupier In College: Pros and Cons

A croupier is a casino employee who leads the gambling process, takes the losses, and gives away winnings. From the outside, this profession may seem somewhat exotic and mysterious. It involves opposite things. Such an employee has to maintain goodwill and comfort at the gaming table, but at the same time is obliged to understand the customers and, if necessary, be harsh. Mistakes are unacceptable in this job, as it is connected to huge money. And mostly on the dealer’s competence depends who gets the winnings — the client or the gambling institution. 


In this article, we will talk in detail about the pros and cons of working as a croupier during the college years. Let’s begin.

Who can become a casino dealer

Requirements for the candidates are quite strict. First of all, the main professional qualities of a dealer are mastery of hands, calmness, and self-control, as well as the presence of high intellectual abilities. A croupier must be able to answer all legislation questions, tell about the best Michigan online casino sites, advise on casino games and teach the rules of the game. To become a professional croupier, you need to undergo special training and a rigorous competitive selection. After all, the job of a croupier is the ability to get out of various stressful situations while maintaining incredible composure.  

Duties of the casino dealer

Many people want to know about what is a croupier job. A dealer conducts a variety of gambling games and oversees compliance with all the rules. It is the dealer’s responsibility to perform all gambling operations in accordance with the standards of service, safety, and efficiency of the gaming process. A croupier is also the person who deals cards, chips, and tokens, as well as accepts, declines, or raises bets. His authority includes announcing winning bets and counting winnings. If a bet is lost, then he is the one who picks up the money.  

How to get a croupier job in a casino?

In most cases, dealers learn the basics directly in the casino gaming room under the strict guidance of gambling professionals. Also, a lot of candidates play and gain experience in the top 10 online casinos and then pass the selection in real casinos. Typically, institutions can recruit applicants to the dealer position even without professional experience. This is due to the fact that each room has its own rules, game techniques, and standards of behavior at the table. It can be easier to train a person unfamiliar with the intricacies of the profession than to retrain an experienced dealer. Casinos often make even a professional dealer go through “croupier school” to teach him all the specific nuances of their institutions. 

The pros of working in a casino

1. Simplicity  

It’s easy enough to learn the rules of casino games. Each casino organizes training courses for its employees. Moreover, the croupier performs just the same actions automatically every day. Usually, working conditions are also good. Casinos provide dealers with food and even lodging in casino hotels. 

2. High salary

One of the main questions at gambling and casino forums is “how much does a craps croupier earn?”. According to the websites with croupier job description usa, such professionals get quite a big salary. Of course, a croupier salary amount depends on the level of the casino and the amount of money won, but even in the smallest institutions, croupiers earn way more than the average factory worker.

3. Career growth

Dealers have many opportunities for career advancement. First of all, they can gradually move to tables with big buy-ins and start earning more. Moreover, dealers often become casino administrators or even executives.

4. Networking

Casinos are always all about brilliance and luxury. While working in a gambling institution you will see how rich people look, how they behave, how they dress and talk to others. Among the VIP guests, you can meet movie stars, politicians, and local celebrities. If you have a chance to talk to this audience, you will broaden your horizons, learn how to set goals, and dream bigger. You may also gain important contacts that will come in handy in the future. 

Cons of working in a casino

1. Irregular Schedule 

Almost all candidates are interested in one question — “how much does a croupier make?”. But applicants usually forget to ask how much time they will work per day. Casino employees are following a strict gambling schedule. It has day and night shifts, as the casino is required to operate around the clock. But the working day of a croupier or general manager is often not limited to 12 hours — you need to come in advance and prepare your working space, change clothes, and welcome guests. An irregular schedule may also have a bad impact on the grades in college.  

2. Unfriendly Staff

Quite often, casino owners demand a lot from their croupiers. Also, other employees in pursuit of career advancement can try to frame you. Thus, dealers should always be extremely careful.

3. Huge Risk

Croupiers work with money all the time, and that is a very risky thing. Even one small mistake can put a dealer in debt. 

4. Stress

Working in a casino takes a huge toll on your health. While working during nights, without proper sleep and rest, many gambling employees begin to relieve stress with alcohol and cigarettes. What’s more, croupiers often get a lot of negativity from visitors that lose their money. This is why it’s really important to know how to relax


The job of a croupier is not that easy. It requires a lot of effort and skills. First and foremost, candidates must be prepared to work hard and almost around the clock. On the other hand, casino croupier salary is quite high. Moreover, croupiers get access to a network of very rich and influential people. The profession offers many opportunities for gambling career advancement, but it also forces you to be very careful and avoid taking risks.   


Working as a croupier can be a good experience for every college student. Your classmates will definitely ask you “how do you become a croupier?”. But you need to understand all the specifics of the gambling job, know how to work as a croupier, be prepared to miss classes and sometimes get bad grades. However, if you learn how to manage time properly, you can successfully combine education and this position. 


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