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How NJ Casinos are Designed to Purposely Make You Spend More

We have all heard the stories, or worse, been there ourselves. You plan to go for a quick visit to the local casino, and a couple of drinks, then hours later you are ordering your fifth drink and heading to the ATM for the third time. New Jersey’s Atlantic City is one of those places where this is a common theme for holiday makers. They book a holiday in the Garden State, decide to check out the casinos because as they say ‘when in ROme’, and the next thing they know, the casinos have the player enjoying themselves so much, he or she does not want to leave.

Just like with any business, a casino will want you to stay there for as long as possible in order to have the best chance of making a profit. However, it’s not all due to how many drinks you have consumed, and poor choices, but often it’s because you are having a great time and just don’t want to get away. We are going to have a look at how New Jersey casinos are designed as a way to get you to part with more cash.

The Importance of Gaming Content

One of the most obvious reasons why someone would stay longer in a casino and, in turn, spend more money is because they have a great choice of games available to them. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar casino, or an online casino, great gaming content creates more interest. New Jersey casino establishments are home to some of the greatest classic casino table games, including blackjack, poker, roulette, and many other table games. 

They also offer a wealth of video slots. Online casinos also have a quality selection, and more than often will have much more choice available to the customer. Some of the best New Jersey online casinos found at will give you a great insight into the huge range of gaming content available out there.

Where am I?

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to lead the customer into a false sense of awareness, and there are a few ways that a casino will do this.

It is highly unlikely, or perhaps even guaranteed, that you will not find a clock on open display in a casino. This is so the player will not have a conscious thought about time – the fewer opportunities a player has to check the time, the more likely they will be to stay there longer.

Another crafty trick is to make a casino a bit maze-like with occasional twists and turns, where players get the opportunity to see other content that ordinarily they may not have seen. Some people say this is fake news, but actually casinos pay a lot of money to experts that know how to create this maze system of slots and tables.

You can see this kind of sneaky tactic in other industries such as very large supermarkets, which will position the most commonly bought food items in the centre of the supermarket, as opposed to right next to the entrance, thus forcing people into seeing other items for sale and potentially buying them, and putting the products with the highest markup at eye level, increasing the chance of a customer purchasing this it

A casino will do this by having the games with the most house edge at the centre of the room, rather than hidden away in a corner.

There’s no need to Leave

Certain casinos are extremely hospitable, almost suspiciously so. If you gamble enough, then often it won’t be long until you are acquainted with the manager, who will be quite happy to offer free stays and throw in complimentary meals. Celebrities who enjoy casinos will often get the red-carpet treatment, and can stay in the same hotel for a few days at a time.

There are some casino owners that even have their own private jet used to fly in high rollers. And before the whales even land, they have a full credit line already open to them. And that credit is not the limit. If the whale wants more, the casino will already have a plan in mind to extend the line of credit so the player stays longer. 

The House Always Wins?

There is the chance, of course, that the more time you spend in a casino, the bigger your potential profits. However, the age old saying of ‘the house always wins’ is in reference to length of time. Because a casino will always have a slight edge over the player, it is almost guaranteed that the house will win over a long period.

Take Roulette’s outside bets, for example. Even the red/black, odd/even, or high/low bet is weighted in favour of the house. It seems like a 50/50 bet, but if the ball lands on the zero, then you don’t get paid. That zero then pushes the odds slightly in favour of the house, thus the house always wins.

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