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The World Is Praising Kim Jong Un, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Over the past few months, we have watched Kim Jong Un do things we never imagined seeing happen in a million years. By the end of April, Jong Un becomes the first North Korean dictator to cross the heavily guarded border between North and South Korea along with South Korea’s President Moon. And just a little over a month later, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un make history by holding their first diplomatic meeting


Trump Tries To Fit in With Putin and Kim Jong-Un

President Trump has never minced words. To put it mildly, the leader of the free world is abrupt, uncensored and extremely controversial. His supporters all seem to relish his no-holds-barred style, even when he strays from the truth, as he so often does. However, his critics and the rest of the world think little of his divisive bombast. Yet whether people like it or not, Trump’s signature flair isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it


North Koreans Are Living in a Brutal Reality Under a Despicable Dictator

North Korea is the world’s largest prison with 24 million inmates. The North Korean people are living a brutal reality in which their despicable totalitarian dictator is starving his citizens, diminishing their access to any sort of freedom, and implementing his regime’s agenda within all aspects of life such as: in school, at home, on the streets, and anywhere else you could possibly think of.  Their leader, Kim Jong-Un, has created the capital city Pyongyang into


University Students in North Korea

On Feb. 22, Indonesia’s online newspaper called The Jakarta Post wrote an article regarding job vacancy in PUST (Pyongyang University of Science and Technology), one of the best universities in North Korea. A year ago, I wrote an article about an undercover journalist named Suki Kim, who surreptitiously became an English teacher in PUST. Students going to PUST are the ones who come only from wealthy, noble family. How is the life of a student


The Language of World News: The Changing Face of Trump-era Journalism

In the era of “fake news,” it seems the entire journalism industry has come under fire. Regardless of which side a source supports, it is apparent that world news dialect has been completely altered since the politics of yesteryear — or  pre-2016, for that matter. After gracing the pages of ancient Greek literature, this powerful rhetorical device has become a large facet of political vocabulary, though many lack an understanding of its foundation. It is


Trump to Meet With Putin on July 7

At the latest G7 Summit, President Trump shocked the international community with an outlandish proposal to re-admit Russia into the group of close allies. Mere weeks later, the White House and the Kremlin released simultaneous statements where it was announced that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin would meet on July 16th, in Helsinki, Finland. National Security Advisor John Bolton traveled to Moscow before the announcement to hash out the final logistics. It has been reported


Highlighting The President’s Wins: Hesitant Appreciation From A Democrat

You’re going to see the words I would have never pictured myself writing: I am impressed with Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong; there are many issues in our country, and personally, I believe that President Trump lacks the eloquence or the mindset to be the leader of the free world. However, I think the only way to progress as a nation is to give credit where credit is due — and Donald Trump deserves


Will The Historic Inter-Korean Peace Summit On Friday Finally Help To Bring Peace To The Korean Peninsula?

On April 27, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and the South Korean president Moon Jae-in is will meet for a historic peace summit scheduled to take place in the De-Militarized Zone between the countries. It will be the first time a North Korean leader has visited South Korea since the Korean War and the third time that a North and South Korean leader meet since 1953. Their meeting will be broadcasted live and over 2800


North Korea’s Rhetoric and the Arrival of U.S. Stealth Fighters Highten Tensions

U.S. stealth fighters recently moved into the Korean Peninsula as sources from South Korea and the U.S. say that tensions are rising with the possibility of war increasing. This weekend, a statement from North Korea released from its Foreign Ministry stated that Donald Trump is “begging for nuclear war” because of “extremely dangerous nuclear gamble”. National security adviser HR McMaster responded to a question regarding a nuclear war after North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic


The Leading Cause of Death in America Will Soon Be Trump’s Twitter

As a wise old woman once said, “If you have nothing nice to tweet, don’t tweet anything at all.” Oh, Donald. It seems that with each passing day, your Twitter account becomes more and more nasty, more and more destructive, more and more unprofessional. At first, it was annoying, but now, it’s dangerous. Our nation stands on the brink of war with North Korea every day. Tensions have been existent for decades, yet now, with

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