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Trump Administration Ending Protected Status For Salvadorans

There are almost 200,000 immigrants from El Salvador living in Maryland who are now in danger of deportation after the Trump administration revoked their protected status this Monday. This Protected Status was granted to people whose homelands were hit with natural disasters or war. However, these Salvadoran immigrants are just the latest group to lose their Temporary Protected Status. This is just one of the latest reversal of immigration policies in the Trump administration and came


Ivanka Trump Wants To Be The First Female President

Michael Wolff’s new book is making a splash before it has even been released. While the excerpts that have been released have revealed surprising information about Steve Bannon, the excerpts also revealed a deal that Ivanka Trump made with her husband Jared Kushner. According to the new book, when the couple decided to become unpaid advisors to the President, Ivanka declared her wish to run for president in the future if the opportunity presented itself.


What the Alabama Results Mean for Republicans, Black Voters, and Trump

Doug Jones, a Democrat, managed to do what no Democrat has been able to accomplish in over 20 years. He won the special election on Dec. 12 that now allows him to take over the vacated Senate seat left by Jeff Sessions. How was he able to do this? In order for Doug Jones to win the special election three things needed to happen, African American voters needed to have a higher turnout than expected,


The Hypocrisy of Al Franken’s Resignation Speech

After numerous calls for resignation by more than half of his Democratic colleagues, Senator Al Franken of Minnesota announced his resignation today. However, instead of simply apologizing to the women that he has allegedly harassed, Al Franken used his speech to attack President Trump and Roy Moore. Al Franken has tried to portray himself as an activist who cares about women’s rights. However, his speech focused only on how he felt and not about the women

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