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South Africa’s Housing Issue

The apartheid regime did not succeed for so long simply by encouraging racial discrimination. Racial discrimination did serve as the foundation for the apartheid, but it was the oppression of rights of certain racial groups that allowed this governance to continue for so long. One of the ways in which the apartheid government oppressed people was by restricting their property rights. This social engineering meant that black people were incredibly disadvantaged. The effects of this


Strippers Entertain Prisoners in South Africa

Pictures of prisoners in South Africa getting cosy with scantily clad women surfaced recently on Facebook. A Facebook user posted the picture, stating that this was actually the Johannesburg Medium-B prison. The prison, also known as Sun City, seemed to have hosted women dressed in lingerie, with the aim of entertaining the prisoners. Many pictures saw the prisoners getting cosy with the women, a look of elation on their faces. However, once the pictures surfaced


Police Are Currently Responding To Three Separate Attacks Happening In London

It has been reported that a white van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge Station. People have taken to Twitter to report the incident. Police are said to be on the scene, controlling the chaos. This comes just a day before Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester benefit — a concert to honour and support the victims of the Manchester attack which still has the world reeling. These attacks, occurring with such short intervals, have people wondering —


South African Politician In Hot Water Over Controversial Colonialism Tweets

Leader of the Democratic Alliance(DA), Mmusi Maimane announced that the Western Cape Premier and former DA leader Helen Zille has been suspended. This came after Zille’s controversial tweets about colonialism earlier this year. The announcement was made on Saturday at a media conference held in Kempton Park. The tweets in question were posted on the 16th March 2017 and suggested that colonialism may have had some positive results. This naturally caused an uproar as South


5 Tips on How to Appreciate a Culture Instead of Appropriating It

You have probably heard the term “cultural appropriation” all over the internet- angry tweets calling out celebrities and entire articles devoted to exposing the cultural insensitivity behind the latest fashion trend. However, even though a lot of people have heard the phrase, many don’t truly understand the concept, and some just choose to ignore this ever growing problem. But you’d better get used to it- the phrase has blown up, and people who are affected


Boko Haram Has Released 82 Kidnapped Schoolgirls

In April 2014, more than 200 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from a secondary school in Chibok by a terrorist group known as Boko Haram. What is Boko Haram? The Boko Haram is an Islamic extremist organisation located in northeastern Nigeria. The group was led by Abubaker Shekau until he stepped down in August last year. The position of leader was then given to Abu Musab al-Barnawi. The group has pledged allegiance to the Islamic state of Iraq


Ahmed Kathrada’s Funeral: A Catalyst for Change

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.” –Mahatma Gandhi Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada passed away in the early hours of the morning on Mar. 28, 2017, leaving a nation in mourning. His death occurred amidst thick political tension due to the rumored cabinet reshuffle. The next day, a funeral was held to honor the man who fought tirelessly to free our country from the clutches of injustice. Many politicians and


Why Aren’t Feminine Hygiene Products Free?

Before someone says that periods are not that bad, why don’t we look at our society’s ridiculous take on menstruation? Aside from the discomfort and pain of menstruation, women have to live in constant fear of ‘humiliating’ themselves in public. Our society mocks and belittles any woman who has an ‘accident’ and women are encouraged to be coy about their period. Feminine hygiene products are taxed as if it were a luxury, many people do

Real Life

Colourism, a Backward Society

The poisonous tendrils of discrimination have no boundaries- they reach into the most obscure parts of a society’s mindset and create social classing systems that need not exist. Racism and sexism are well known examples of discrimination. However, there is one very damaging form of discrimination that is tragically underexposed but widely accepted- colourism. Colourism is a worldwide phenomenon that has origins so ancient that they are almost impossible to pinpoint. It is discrimination based

Real Life

Rape Culture and Consent Education

What is rape culture? Some people believe that rape culture is just a myth; that it’s just a phrase coined to make men look bad. Some people even believe that rape doesn’t really happen as often as people claim. It is also possible that some people have never heard the phrase, and are living in blissful ignorance. After all, it is not something that is really talked about in social situations, and it definitely isn’t

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