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Sexual Assault Survivors Use #WhyIDidntReport To Share The Many Reasons Why They Were Silenced

Just last year, #MeToo paved the way for sexual assault survivors to share their stories with the world. Now another hashtag has been created, this one sharing the reasons why many sexual assault survivors never come forward with their assault. Through #WhyIDidntReport, sexual assault survivors are showing the world just how difficult it is to report their assault to authorities and even their own families and close friends, as many survivors are silenced through victim-blaming

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5 Ways to Make Money This Summer As A Teenager

I’m sure we’ve all heard our parents jokingly ask us, “Why don’t you get a job?”  Especially when we ask them to buy us stuff or give us cash. And we all know that the birthday and holiday money our relatives give us doesn’t last forever. So what do we do if we are tired of having to go through our parents and relatives to get money? The answer: We have to find a source


The Revolution Will Be Instagrammed: How Two Teen Activists Are Changing The World With Their Posts

Let’s be real: the way we use Instagram today is far more influential than the way it was intended to be used. What started off as a yet another photo sharing application has now become a revolutionary method of communication. Instagram is our generation’s virtual megaphone—a phenomenal platform that allows each and every one of its 500 million daily active users to share, inform and debate trending topics. With Instagram, people like me, who like to keep


Chinese Tech Startups Are Hiring Women To “Motivate” Their Coders

Throughout the years, the technology field has made many leaps in improving our daily lives, and while this is admirable, many do not acknowledge the fact that women oftentime face gender discrimination in this male dominated field. Recently, tech startups in China have been seeking out more female employees for their offices; however, their focus has been on hiring women to bring more fun to the office rather than hiring them to write code. According

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