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An Interview with Body Positive & Pro-Women Unity Band, The Mrs

To the untrained eye, Mandy Prater, Andra Liemandt, Jenny Mason, and Larissa Ness are a foursome distinctly attuned to overbrimming sippy cups, the tenor of an instrument, and the unparalleled vivaciousness of the marrow of Austin, Texas.  Howbeit, beneath the cotton muddied with fingerpaints and the blistered knuckles from timber drumsticks, the quarter are acknowledged as an all-female rock-pop fusion ensemble designated The Mrs. Andra, the aforementioned founding member and leading drummer, “—began writing songs to


Hail to the Victors: the University of Michigan & Neighbor Colleges Reject Trump Administration Muslim & Refugee Ban

Upon Jan. 27, 2017, President Donald J. Trump ratified an executive order regarding the entry of Muslim and refugee immigrants of seven countries, inclusive of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Nations exempt from the Democratic party and human rights advocacy organization-coined “Muslim Ban” are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Russia—each coincidentally engaged in business with the officeholder. In summary, the ninety-day human embargo is illustrated as


The Last of Us and Its Vitality: A Dissection of Feminism in Video Games and the Industry

Upon October 25, 1996, Core Design—a bygone video game developer that originated within May 13, 1988, and eclipsed an accumulated fifty profitable titles before discontinuing in 2006—and Eidos Interactive—a software technology and video game publisher stationed within the United Kingdom that has since reformed to Square Enix Europe—publicized Tomb Raider to Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC compatibility.  Tomb Raider spotlighted Lara Croft, a venerated legacy archaeologist tasked with obtaining an invaluable historical artifact whilst combating hazardous terrain, wildlife,


An Exclusive Interview With Social Media Inspiration Jeffrey Marsh: a Conversation on Gender, Sexuality & Loving One’s Self

Reigning from a quaint farming district, Jeffrey Marsh is an artful wordsmith, model, spokesperson, LGBTQIPA and self-love activist, and social media sensation, having amassed three hundred million views and a five hundred thousand and growing support system.  Within 2016, a CBS station designated them “Viner of the Year”, and within 2014, Vine bestowed them with a “Top Ten Viners” merit.  Furthermore, Jeffrey has prevailed as the Official Viner and Social Media Ambassadors/Correspondent to organizations inclusive of Gay


Texas Federal Judge Denies Obama Administration Bill for Transgender Health Protections

As the campaign for the equal opportunities of the LGBTQ+ community parades forward into the rosy-cheeked, doe-eyed year of 2017, the malignant crusade of anti-LGBTQ+ parties—chiefly, that of United States’ government authorities—uncompromisingly rampages. An adversely up-to-the-minute materialization of the federalized discrimination and prejudice has pioneered upon December 31st, 2016, within The Lone Star State, when U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor legislated a temporary injunction to bar a President Barack Obama administration decree to fortify the


Texas Strips Affordable Healthcare Away from Millions of Women by Cutting Funding for Planned Parenthood

As of Tuesday, December 21st, 2016, health representatives of the American state of Texas publicized a terminating legal notification to The Texas Tribune for $3.1 million of Medicaid funding to its collective inhabiting Planned Parenthood residencies. The Medicaid subsidies presently have a “cut-off” that will extend to approximately January 20th, 2017; however, legally, the hindrance may be postponed should the contending organization petition for an administrative hearing with the Human Services Commission and Texas Health


Nine Deceased & Fifty Injured in Fatal Car Accident at a Berlin Christmas Market

Upon the evenfall of Monday, December 9th, 2016, a witness-identified vehicle parading a Polish license plate veered into a marketplace commemorating the holiday season—chiefly, Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Reportedly, the catastrophe transpired in the bustling public square of Breitscheidplatz, stationed in Western Berlin, Germany. Albeit the tally for causalities are uncompromisingly increasing, nine individuals are confirmed to be deceased at the bloodstained hands of the lorry’s operator, whilst approximately fifty injured are on the mend with


Inside Aleppo: Before and After Comparisons Amidst the Bloodshed of Civil War

For sundry vivacious centuries, Aleppo, Syria was the third utmost populous metropolis of the time-honored Ottoman Empire, circa 1233 to 1922.  Following the archaic megacity of Constantinople—which is presently recognized as Istanbul, Turkey—and Cairo in magnitude, Aleppo has been reportedly inhabited chronicling back to the sixth millennium.  For instance, cuneiform script—which was systematic communication that translates to “wedge-shaped” predating horse-and-buggies in its precedence—of the ancient kingdoms of Elba and Mesopotamia were its leading introduction into


An Unsung Hero of 2016: Theresa Kachindamoto Terminates 850 Child Marriages in Africa

In her springtime of life as a sweet-tempered Malawian junior to twelve siblings, originating amongst an orthodox parliament within the Dedza District environing Lake Malawi—which is home to Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique—Theresa Kachindamoto is a paradox of formidable tenderheartedness; a personified oxymoron. To illustrate, acclaimed news resource, Al Jazeera, chronicled Kachindamoto as a, “—mild-mannered woman who zips around a farmhouse packed with knick-knacks and insists her guests eat a meal before any introductions, a character


Man Murders Bisexual Muslim Wife and Police Officer in Heartbreaking Shootout

An artful dance instructor. A pharmacology major at Washington and Jefferson College within Washington, Pennsylvania. A woman of color—Egyptian nationality. A university basketball teammate and track runner. A Muslim. An LGBTQ+ community member. A prodigious scholar of language, fluent in an accomplished six dialects: American English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, and Russian. A mother-to-be, six months along within her pregnancy. Twenty-eight-year old Dalia Elhefny Sabae was herself as a result of her collective potpourri of

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