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Snapchat Says It’s Impossible to “Un-Update” the App

Earlier this week, Snapchat released the app’s newest installments. However, everywhere people are criticizing and urging Snapchat to un-update the new version of the app and to bring back it’s old features. In conclusion to Snapchat’s updates, the public is expressing deep disregards for the utter redesign of the app. One significant feature of Snapchat that in the past has been most prominently popular to users was the design of viewing friend’s stories. Now users

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Gun Violence on School Grounds Are Increasing at an Alarming Rate

In the awakening of 2018, the high growth of gun violence being brought into our public schools has drastically impacted our nation. Death tolls in the result of school shootings are evidentially becoming more and more repetitive. In January alone, over a dozen shootings on school grounds have been reported. The number of cases regarding these shootings and founded weaponry on school grounds is steadily becoming more out of control. Due to these dangerous circumstances,

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More Efforts Need To Be Made In Order To End America’s Deadliest Drug Crisis

174 lives are claimed every day and 7 per hour as a result of drug related fatalities. What makes America’s drug crisis even worse are the efforts to help end the ongoing and growing issue. Little is being done by our president in the act to stop the fatal drug abuse and crisis that has been established to be the worse drug crisis in the history of our country. Roughly around 64,000 deaths were recorded

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Jay-Z Responds To Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Comment

In an Oval Office meeting that took place on Jan. 11, President Trump reportedly told senators, “Why do we want all these people from sh*thole countries coming here?” Trump allegedly made these comments after declining an bipartisan immigration deal that potentially would have protected DACA participants. Trump’s comments deeming African and Haitian nations sparked a tremendous amount of outrange and disapproving feedback from the public and media. Hip hop artist Jay-Z addressed the situation to

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Larry Nassar Sentenced to 40 to 175 Years in Prison

Former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar has conspicuously gained attention throughout the the duration of the last few months in regards to his court trials after 163 victims voiced that Nassar conducted sexual abuse upon them. For months now, the ongoing process in the sentencing of Nassar has made headlines across America and around the world. Numerous reports of sexual abuse against the former olympic doctor have seemingly became a daily outburst. With the possibility of


April Ryan: “There Has Been A War On The Press By The White House”

“There has Been a war on the press by the White House, lead by this president.” Yesterday afternoon, CNN political analyst and American Urban Radio Network Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan identified that she along with other reporters have been receiving numerous death threats for their coverage of the White House, all a part of the war against the press. “I’ve talked to other reporters and we’ve gotten death threats being on the road,” Ryan told an


Should People Be Allowed to Smoke With Minors in a Vehicle?

The controversy over individuals smoking in vehicles with those under legal age has been an ongoing debate for many years in the United States. The restriction of minors being present in the hands of smokers operating a vehicle has been popularly concerned and expressed through the passing of laws in which enforce an age limit on those smoking with minors in a vehicle. The U.S. legislation restricting those operating a vehicle and smoking while minors are

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Students Are Forced To Attend School, Despite Classrooms Being Unheated

Temperatures are steadily decreasing as the winter season has approached. In some areas of America, the harsh conditions of winter have drastically effected the weather, causing significant  droppings in temperatures. Cities have recently reached single digits and are continuing to decrease. Across the country, schools are being negatively affected by the environmental changes brought forth from winter. Large schools throughout cities such as Baltimore, recently have encountered broken heating systems. Despite these schools offering no

Mental Health

Does Education Hold A Higher Priority Over Mental Illnesses?

1 in 5 young adults aged 13 to 18 suffer from a severe form of mental illness at one point in their life. This is one of the most valuable chapters for students. As a child grows in maturity and age,  the many importances of upcoming adulthood grow as well too. Education is one of the most sufficient contributing factors to a teenager’s life as it becomes a higher priority by playing an important role.


Massive Car Pile Up In New York Becomes Deadly

A car pile up became deadly today near Buffalo, New York after intense snow intimately brought  forth poor visibility conditions and difficult driving situations for those in the upper state. At around 2 pm, a 75 car pile up ultimately lead to an estimated 100 cars, according to several witnesses.  The accident suspended all lanes of traffick on the I-90 highway and both ends of the I-90 were closed off. The numerous cars involved with the

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