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Meet Palestinian-American Wonder Woman: Linda Sarsour

It has been long-overdue for a Palestinian-American to shy away from the shadows and create a voice for themselves, and the speechless. Palestinian-American, Linda Sarsour, is the political-activist behind progressive movements, such as the well known “Women’s March”. Most of the time, it is easy for us to neglect acknowledgment of the people behind-the-scenes, but Linda Sarsour has made quite a name and reputation of herself that should not, and could not, be unnoticed. Palestinians


China Reaffirms Support for Palestine

Palestine is calling for greater involvement from China in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and they might just get what they’re asking for. This past Thursday, China reaffirmed they’re advocating for Palestinian Statehood when Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki came for a visit. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that there needs to be more peace talks on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in order to amend the “historical injustice” that has been put upon Palestinians for not having

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Topshop Accused of Cultural Appropriation

The multinational British fashion retailer, Topshop, has just been accused of cultural appropriation. Social media users have shared their opinions of how they feel towards a playsuit by Topshop that uses the same print as the Palestinian “Keffiyeh”.   The Keffiyeh scarf is worn as a political statement for Palestinian nationalism, it is a symbol of the many Palestinian lives that have been lost under Israeli occupation and oppression. People were not so fond of

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Why The NFL Still Hasn’t Picked Up Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is utilizing his unemployment time for good use, but due to opposing political reasons this the reason why he still hasn’t been picked up by any NFL team. Seems silly, right? The NFL justifies their idleness towards Kaepernick by accusing him of being a bad player. But it seems more like NFL teams fear the political backlash they will get if they pick up Kaepernick. President Donald Trump himself has expressed his hostility

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Voter Suppression is Still Very Real

A Marijuana possession felony may not only risk serving time behind bars but also the right to vote. This stripping of an important civil duty is what we call: Voter Suppression. Voter suppression is a systematic strategy that is done to target a certain group of people in order to prevent them from exercising their most fundamental right, voting. The criticism is that there seems to be no correlation between the two, there should be

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The Gaza Strip is Losing Lives Due To Electricity Cuts

Palestinians residing in the Gaza strip have suffered from inconsistent electricity power since June of 2006, because Israeli military forces bombed the only power plant there. Although it took five months to reconstruct some of the plant, it is still not sufficient enough to run the 470 megawatts (MW) demanding territory. The consequences have contributed to harsh living conditions and even deadly incidents.   In May of 2016, the Mezan Center for Human Rights in


Defensive End for Seattle Seahawks, Michael Bennett, Declines Israeli Invitation, Adding Him to Our List of Woke Athletes

More and more athletes are using their voices to speak up for the voiceless. This past month, the image-conscious state of Israel had been necessarily embarrassed and called out by 6 NFL players. Israel invited 11 NFL players on an all-expenses paid trip for public relation purposes stating that after the visit, they will be proclaimed “goodwill ambassadors of Israel.” The first to decline the invitation was defensive lineman of the Seattle Seahawks, Michael Bennett.

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Yemen On the Brink of Famine: Here’s What You Need To Know

Media coverage regarding the crisis happening right now in Yemen has been minimal. Thousands of children in refugee camps are now starving and so are civilians in neighboring villages. Who is the cause of this crisis? You may have guessed correctly: President Donald Trump. There is a port located in Al Hudaydah along the west coast of Yemen, where majority of Yemen’s food is imported. The port is under Houthi rebels’ control. A little over a

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