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Twitter is Fired Up Over WikiLeaks’ Full Manuscript of “Fire and Fury”

“Fire and Fury” has been out for less than a week and already the book has reached the top of Amazon’s bestseller list. The book exposes the goings-on inside the White House or, more specifically, the complete train-wreck of the Trump administration. The book has, unsurprisingly, sparked both outrage and glee. Already, Trump has held several press conferences and written tweets defending himself against Michael Wolff’s claims, the author of the book and even threatened to

Real Life

Veganism Won’t Save the World

There are now over a billion people starving in the world and hundreds of thousands more living in extreme poverty. More than half of the world’s forests have been lost to deforestations, contributing to 15% of global greenhouse gas emission which, along with CO2 emissions, is causing global warming, an event which by acidifying oceans and rising sea levels will cause even further habitat destruction upon the world’s wildlife, already experiencing an extinction rate over

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