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Why Is the Ongoing Shia Genocide Being Ignored?

Similar to how Christianity is split into many sects, such as Protestant and Roman Catholic, Islam is also split into divisions. The three main sects of Islam are Sunni, Shia and Khawarij. Whilst Sunnis believe that the Caliphate (religious succession) after the death of the Prophet belonged to Abu Bakr, a well-renowned companion and close friend of the Prophet, Shias disagree and believe that the Caliphate rightfully belonged to Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, the


‘Drive For Justice’ Are Spreading Awareness About Rohingya in the U.K.

I recently came across Drive For Justice, a team of volunteers who are making their mark and raising awareness of issues that are ignored in England. The issue of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Burmese Muslims in Rohingya is something that shouldn’t be ignored, so this Sunday, September 17th at 1:30pm, this particular group of people are conducting a huge demonstration at the Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester.   I attended one of the meetings earlier


We Need To Address the Transphobia in Pakistan

Visiting Pakistan as a child and going out and about, I would sometimes see transgender people roaming the streets of the bazaars. These people would often be dressed in traditional Pakistani clothing for women and would have heaps of makeup on their faces, begging for money. Men would yell abuse and use degrading language, most often the horrible term “kusra”, meaning tr*nny, as well as cat-calling these harmless people and making them feel worthless. I


Remembering Srebrenica 22 Years On

In July 1995, the mass murder of more than 8,000 Muslim Bosniaks and the expulsion of more than 20,000 took place in and around the small town of Srebrenica, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The massacre has been labelled a genocide and condemned by many political figures, however in Serbian society there is a culture of denial of the Srebrenica genocide. The attack was ordered by General Ratko Mladic and carried out by his Serbian paramilitary units,


Photo Of EDL Protestor Goes Viral

This photo of a young woman smiling in the face of an EDL (English Defence League) member at a march in Birmingham has been shared over thousands of times on the internet. Saffiyah Khan from Birmingham was captured by Press Association photographer, Joe Giddens, smirking at newly elected leader of the EDL, Ian Crossland on Saturday. Ms Khan, who is of Pakistani and Bosnian ethnicity, said she interrupted when a woman in a headscarf was the subject


What History Books Don’t Teach You: The Amritsar Massacre

Picture this: thousands of innocent people, all in one place, celebrating and enjoying themselves. Men, women, children, the elderly too. And then bullets start flying out of nowhere. This is exactly what happened on the evening of April 13, 1919 in the public garden, Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar. The Indian city of Amritsar is known worldwide as a cultural centre for Sikhs. As it’s the site of the Golden Temple, many Sikhs visit annually for pilgrimage.


Meet Habiba Da Silva: The Muslim Blogger Introducing Diversity To The West

Birmingham-born, 22-year-old Habiba Da Silva is a new and refreshing face in the beauty industry. She is well-known for adapting her Muslim-lifestyle into the culture of the western world with her beauty videos and her Hijab tutorials on her YouTube channel. Da Silva has recently released a line of unisex scarves. Da Silva first launched her YouTube channel in 2014, with her first video entitled ‘My Everyday Hijab Style’, which currently has over 150,000 views

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