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If You Value Progress, Vote Blue to Flip the Legislative Branch

Midterm elections are undeniably underrated. Historically, voter turnout for off-years sticks at around 40%, compared to 60% in the Presidential cycles. Thankfully, this year, people are paying attention. Over the summer, a significant number of people rushed to vote in the primaries. There’s a lot going on in politics and there’s so much we need to care about. Ever since Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement and Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s messy

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Five Tips for Vegetarians Who Really, Really Hate Salads

Vegetarianism is at the forefront of healthy living. It’s no surprise there are so many more vegetarian and vegan food options across restaurants and dining halls nationwide. But there’s one serious catch– salads. To some, these dishes are an easy way to slide into the vegetarian way of life. To others, salads are a steaming pile of your worst nightmare. But no need to fear! Take it from me, a fellow vegetarian who avidly avoids

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