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Why Going To A Small High School Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

I go to a teensy tiny magnet high school in Michigan. Students come from all over the county, take an entrance exam and cross their fingers. I was apprehensive about my admission, but I passed the test and got my spot. For about two months, I agonized over the decision to go. The school had a grand total of roughly five hundred students and the neighborhood high school I was supposed to go to had


Are Protest Marches Truly Inclusive?

I will first admit that I love the Women’s Marches. It’s an incredible display of womanhood and it’s a reminder that women are here to make our points and the time for silencing us is in the past. 2017 heralded the first Women’s March and the second one occurred a year later. The movement first began to protest President Trump’s inauguration in light of sexual abuse allegations against him. However, it’s worth discussing whether or not


Joe Arpaio’s Campaign For Senate Deserves As Much Attention As Roy Moore’s

When Roy Moore ran for the Senate with sexual misconduct allegations against him, the United States erupted into controversy. The fire was fanned when reports emerged that many people continued to support Moore despite allegations because of distaste of the Democratic Party’s candidate Doug Jones trumping their distaste of the allegations. I vividly remember the tight days before the election. “Roy Moore” became a household name. My friends and classmates, most of which are much


Meet Ahed Tamimi: The Newest Face of the Palestinian Resistance

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been floating in and out of mainstream news for quite a while. Most recently, the conflict was once again brought to the limelight after President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, although Jerusalem is highly contested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Previously, the area was unrecognized by many countries as belonging to Israel in order to avoid instigating the

Real Life

Voice: A Personal Essay of Expression

My personal definition of strength is to be wholly comfortable in yourself and your flaws. I have grown to accept that, and it has given me immeasurable solace in the past few months. I have learned how to hold myself accountable for certain things, and forgive myself for others. And all of these personal achievements were done with unwavering conviction. I like to delve into things head-first, and just like everything else, I dove into

Real Life

My Self-Worth Is Not Dependent On My Achievements

To be frank, 2017 has really put me through an emotional wringer.  I don’t want this to be hyperbolic, and I’ll honestly convey my emotions from this year with the true vehemence I felt them with. For context, I am a pretty ambitious, prideful person. I am someone who has always known what she wants and has always been rewarded for being that way. People have always known me to be like that, and up


The New York Times Is Normalizing Nazis

The New York Times is an esteemed publication — this is irrefutable. The Times have over a million digital subscribers, and most recently, was credited for publishing the Harvey Weinstein expose. Although this publication may seem like a professional and liberal news outlet, it has recently come under fire for publishing a story originally titled “In America’s Heartland, the Nazi Sympathizer Next Door”. Since the article garnered largely critical responses, the title was later changed to “A


The Problem with Trivializing Native Cultures

J.K Rowling, the author of the esteemed Harry Potter books, has recently come under fire for equating her fictional entity of “Animagi” with the Navajo legend of skin walkers. Rowling published the first part of her four-part series, The History of Magic in North America, on Tuesday. Rowling writes, “The legend of the Native American ‘skin walker’ – an evil witch or wizard that can transform into an animal at will – has its basis


One Year Later: Trump’s Presidency Delivered on the Inconsistency That It Promised

November 8th, 2017 was cataclysmic. President Trump’s name has been a permanent part of news headlines and hashtags alike since his election win was announced a year ago, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. One year has passed, and now the effectiveness of his administration can be properly evaluated. In all due respect, Trump has attempted to deliver on some of his campaign promises. Trump promised to reform American healthcare, and


Corpses of 26 Potentially Trafficked Migrants Found in Mediterranean

This weekend, more than 2,560 people were rescued in the throes of the Mediterranean Sea as the IOM Coordination Office for the Mediterranean conducted one of the toughest missions so far this year. In total, thirty-four bodies were recovered from the water, 26 of which could be teenagers from Nigeria. Most died due to the fact that they used rubber dinghies for transportation through the Mediterranean to Italy. The most of the migrants rescued were West African nationals,

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