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A Guide To Help You Prepare For Hurricane Irma

I’ve lived in Miami my entire life. After surviving Hurricane Katrina, Wilma, Sandy, and countless others, I’m no stranger to hurricane preparation. Hurricane season, in Miami especially, is hectic, to say the least, and can make even the most level-headed person anxious. Don’t worry, though. If you follow this guide, you should be well-prepared for Irma. Board up your residency One of the most vulnerable areas of your house or apartment is the windows. They


Thank You Body Positive Movement, But I Don’t Need to Be Beautiful

I would like to begin by saying the body positive movement has made amazing strides towards accepting and celebrating different body types. It has made more people, especially women, feel confident and happy. However, despite good intentions, it still reaffirms the idea that beauty is the most important thing about women. The body positivity movement is trying to change the traditional standards of beauty, rather than dismantling them and saying women don’t need to be beautiful


Your Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Was Made By Child Slaves

You’re in the line at CVS when the chocolate and candy protruding from the cashier’s counter catches your eye. It’s your cheat day — one chocolate bar won’t do any harm, right? What you don’t know is that the chocolate bar you crave took the sweat of millions of children, many of them slaves, to satisfy your sweet tooth. Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean, which is primarily found in Latin America and Western Africa.


The Problem With Race in the Porn Industry

Although I am most definitely not what you would call a porn aficionado, I have seen enough sleazy pop-up ads and email spams to know that a large amount of porn focuses on the exoticization of women of color. Even with the recent emergence of ‘feminist porn’ that tries to erase the misogynistic elements of the pornography industry, the topic of racism in the porn industry still does not get the attention it deserves. Especially

Mental Health

Reasons Why Public School Is Not Fit for Introverts

“Get together for a group discussion!” my teacher cheers a wide smile on his face. The other students sigh in relief, happy to be avoiding written work but I am filled with dread. It seems every teacher only values group learning when I would much rather just read the book and write an analysis on it. This is not only a problem I face but one that nearly every introvert encounters. The public school system


You Can’t Change What We Never Chose: An Interview with Conversion Therapy Survivor Sam Brinton

As Pride Month comes to a close we must remember an important issue that we are still battling against; the fight to end conversion therapy. This is the legal and harmful practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The methods can be physically painful, psychologically damaging or, as in most cases, both. Sam Brinton is a survivor of conversion therapy and is helping to lead the fight toward its illegalization

Real Life

Nice Cruise Vacation or Melting Pot for Cultural Appropriation?

“I can’t wait to buy a pink sombrero!” she cheers her face already peeling and red from her short time in the sun. I’m walking behind her, cringing, as she yells “ole!” to every passerby. At one point I should have known that docking in Mexico with a predominantly white group would be more like Cultural Appropriation 101 than a fun day at the beach. All I wanted was to enjoy this cruise vacation but it


Delaware Set to Sign a Bill To Protect Abortion Rights Even If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

Amidst the onslaught of threats the Trump administration has inflicted on abortion rights, the state of Delaware is taking a stand. The Delaware House of Representatives passed a bill that makes sure abortion stays legal even if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court. Now, that this bill has passed in both Delaware’s Senate and House of Representatives — it just needs to be signed by Democratic Governor John Carney. Carney hasn’t formally said


Asexual People of Color On Their Experiences

Most people can recall the first time they felt some form of sexual attraction. For some people, it was their middle school teacher and for others a beautiful celebrity that sparked that sexual buzz. However, for others those feelings just never manifested or they never felt the need to act on them. Asexuality is a spectrum defined as ‘not experiencing sexual attraction’, within this sexuality, there are gray sexuals, people who experience attraction on a


We Need to End the Evident Ableism in the Body Positivity Movement

When I first discovered the Body Positivity Movement, I was blown away. My entire life I had been geared towards thinking that only thin and tall women were beautiful. I was led to believe that my bigger and curvier physique was not beautiful in the eyes of the media. But after seeing these women, many bigger than me, showing off their bodies with confidence, I too became to believe in myself. Still, there is no

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