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The Bureaucratic Void of the Trump Presidency

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, a member of the National Security Council, was a virtually unheard of civil servant to the vast majority despite her instrumental role in crafting the Iran Nuclear Deal, a negotiation widely disparaged by the current administration. Yet, parallel to the ascent of the Trump administration, numerous devoted members of the federal bureaucracy, such as Nowrouzzadeh, have found themselves forced to abdicate prestigious positions earned through diligent loyalty to the American people, and shoved


Congressional Rules Are Not the Problem — Petty Partisanship Is

The intricacies of lawmaking have long sowed discord among the public, as majority parties rise and fall alongside elected representatives who have occupied the revered Oval Office. Time appears only to ingrain party lines on Capitol Hill and beyond, giving rise to clauses covertly affixing themselves to complex bills, filibusters that are anything but fleeting, and legislature tuned so finely in order to meet the demands of its opponents, their original purpose is indecipherable. Yet,


The Rise of Autocracies and American Exceptionalism

A shadow looms over democratic ideals of liberty and equality. The authoritative regimes humankind has so desperately attempted to discard in order to fashion a new social order, characterized by the freedoms and powers of the people as a collective whole, lurk ominously overhead. The rise of autocracies in the modern world extends to that of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a member of the conservative right wing Fidesz political party sworn into office on May 29, 2010. As a


The Berlin Wall and the Ideological Wall of the Present

Jubilant cries filled the air as hordes of people came tumbling through the wall to West Berlin. Cheering in joy and exhalation, they greeted the graffiti painted by defiant West Berliners and attempted to reduce the wall to rubble, trying to tear it down in a fury and pocketing chunks of the stone as souvenirs. The Berlin Wall was viewed as a symbol of the Cold War for years. Erected to stem the tide of


Trump Should Not Get a Free Pass on Sexual Harassment

The USA appears to be undergoing a transformation as a flood of accusations of sexual harassment against America’s beloved stars of Hollywood, trusted sources of news and commentary, and even those the country’s citizens elected into the hallowed halls of government, rocks the nation. Following the release of the New York Times’ article, “Louis C.K. Is Accuses by 5 Women of Sexual Misconduct” , TBS proceeded to announced it would suspend the production of Louis C.K.’s

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There Are More Women in Politics All Over the World Than Ever Before

This is apart of our Fall 2017 Issue focused on Diversity.Women either in or vying for political positions of power face a multitude of obstacles in a world where men dominate the field of politics. Gender stereotypes prevail in today’s political atmosphere and serve as a basis for many when voting or nominating candidates  Appearing strong and capable is not enough, one must endure queries of plans for parenting, inquiries regarding domestic life, and a number of other factors that may define a


A Reflection on Our Nation’s History: The Bill of Rights and How Its Amendments Came To Be

Reflecting on the past year, it can certainly feel that the nation is more divided than ever. From the turmoil that resulted from an emotional and tumultuous election to recent gun shootings, all the while with the threat of natural disasters and climate change hanging over everyone’s heads. During these hardships, it’s important to take a step back and think about how this great nation came about. The struggles America’s founders endured and the documents they wrote


#NewTrumpTwitterBio Trends To Speculate Trump’s New Bio Should Be

#NewTrumpTwitterBio is just the latest Trump-related Twitter trend. Twitter has been Mr. Trump’s voice throughout the both the Presidential election and his Presidency — his preferred method of communication with the public as evidenced by the almost 500 tweets posted on his personal account during the first 100 days of Mr. Trump’s Presidency.  As Bournemouth University’s political communications professor Dr. Darren Lilleker told The Independent, “Previous presidents would perhaps go to a press briefing, make a serious,


Milestones of the 1990s and the Decade’s Influence Today

The 1990s changed everything. The decade established the social, political and economic foundations on which the 21st century functioned. From the collapse of the Soviet Union to the trial of O.J. Simpson, the period heightened simmering tensions both within the United States and beyond. It set the stage for some of the most calamitous events of the coming century. While the catastrophic consequences of the Cold War were momentarily averted by the fall of an

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