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7 Meditation Apps That Can Help Ease Your Anxiety

‘Tis the season to sing winter carols, spend time with loved ones, and—you guessed it—study for finals week! When November and December are jam-packed with holiday preparations and major academic projects, you may feel like you have more to do than you could ever finish in two months. Those with anxiety disorders may even notice exacerbated symptoms as, no matter how hard they try, they cannot shake their perpetual state of stress. Daily meditation can

Mental Health

How To Tell the Difference Between Introversion And Social Anxiety

In my opinion, it’s no coincidence that the acronym for social anxiety disorder spells out “SAD.” Until I was diagnosed with social anxiety as a college freshman, I had just thought of myself as an introvert. Some people were built for social situations, even thrived on them like my siblings did, but I got so nervous when around a lot of people. My hands would shake, my throat would tighten, and I couldn’t string two

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