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The Democrats are Coming! An Analysis of the Des Moines Poll

The Des Moines Register, Mediacom, and CNN Iowa Report released a poll that ranked the masses of Democratic hopefuls in terms of public likeability and the possibility of them being Democratic presidential candidates. The poll was ran by Ann Selzer and was conducted in the first few days in June by 600 Iowa Democrats likely to vote in the 2020 caucus. The most popular is Joe Biden. He has received 24 percent from likely Iowa


Was Chris Evan’s Tweet Problematic?

After the recent announcement that a group of straight men were attempting to host a “Straight Pride” in Boston, people took to social media to discuss the issue. Many took different angles on the issue, focusing on the historical significance of pride to LGBTQ+ members and how Straight Pride disrespects that through ignoring the privilege non-LGBTQ individuals have. Happy straight pride to you, I guess 🙄 — Alfonso Manalastas (@not_alfonso) June 6, 2019 Source:


The Nazis were in Chile and Germany is Just Now Paying

Germany has agreed to pay $11,000 in compensation to victims of the Chilean commune Colonia Dignidad founded by former Nazi soldier Paul Schafer in 1961. South America was a haven for former Nazi soldiers with Chile estimated to have accepted 500 and 1,000 Nazi soldiers. Many of these Nazis were never held accountable and tried for their actions, dying in South American countries that protected them.  Colonia Dignidad was a colony set up in southern

Real Life

My University’s Teacher Strike is Important

My college, Rutgers University, is 253 years old and has an abundance of notable alumni ranging from the Sopranos’ James Gandolfini to politician Elizabeth Warren.  Yet, it is not receiving attention in the news and on campus because of its history and alumni. It has received news that, for the first time in its history, to prevent the first ever strike, the Rutgers administration has agreed to the demands of grad student teachers and professors


Why Colonials Needs to Be Taken Into Account in Notre Dame’s Rebuilding

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire on Monday. Fortunately, due to the church being under renovation, multiple artifacts had been removed from the site and placed in the Louvre museum.  The over-800-year-old church is guessed to have burnt down from the center of the roof, and the damage is so intense that even $1 billion dollars raised from France’s billionaires may not help. However, President Emmanuel Macron has called for the cathedral to be


The Future of Abortion and Legislation That Challenges It

It’s what liberals feared and conservatives hoped for when Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in the Supreme Court. Abortion is going to be challenged. Most recently, laws in Mississippi and West Virginia have been modeled after in North Dakota’s newest abortion bill. North Dakota’s Governor Doug Burgum signed legislation on Wednesday criminalizing doctors to perform second-trimester abortion, while Georgia and Ohio’s legislature which has submitted an approved ban criminalizing doctors from performing an abortion if a


DeVos Budget Cut Highlights Education Favoritism

Betsy DeVos revealed a budget proposal for 2020 that has created much controversy due to a proposed cut of funding to the Special Olympics and a funding cut for after-school programs and summer programs for students coming from low-income families from the organization 21st Century Community Learning Center. There was also a cut of a grant program that gives textbooks, equipment and counseling services. This grant program, the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Program, also


Hello, Mr President: Cory Booker

Personal Background: Senator Cory Booker was born in Washington D.C. by two IBM executives, moving to New Jersey later in life. Booker attended Stanford University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 1991 and a Master’s Degree in Sociology in 1992. He attended the University of Oxford with a Rhodes Scholarship and received a Bachelor’s Degree in History in 1994. Booker completed his schooling with a Doctorate in Jurisprudence at Yale Law School in

Mental Health

We Need To Normalize Healthy Environments

As a person with mental health issues, college has been an up and down experience. But I can safely say that college has truly proven to be a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for me. I am one of the one in four young people who have a diagnosable mental health issue in college. It is a statistic that I can implement in my life, due to a good per cent of my college friends


The Young People and the Climate

Climate change has grasped the attention of many, especially because of the outburst the younger generation. This issue was largely taken up after Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg began missing school every Friday to protest her government’s lax stance on climate change. Thunberg’s popularity exploded and her tactics were adopted by other European school children who also began protesting their government’s non-committal stance on climate change. American teenager Alexandria Villasenor was inspired by Thunberg and has

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