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Opinion: Should Pope Francis Resign for Helping Cover up Sexual Abuse?

Catholics are praying that the wave of sexual assault allegations are coming to an end after another startling allegation made headlines recently. Investigations on sexual abuse ranged from Philadelphia, to overseas where priests in Australia and Latin America were convicted of sexual abuse over the summer. As Pope Francis visited Ireland to talk directly to those who claim that they have been sexually assaulted by Catholic ministers, a shocking letter released to the public stated


Mollie Tibbitts’ Murder Isn’t About Immigration, It’s About Misogyny

The disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts hit the news fairly quickly when she disappeared on July 18 for a jog in the town of Brooklyn, Iowa. Like all current events stories, with no leads, it died down. Until now, when her body was discovered under a few cornstalks in a town outside from Brooklyn. It’s hard in this country to not take it politically. Because the accused murderer is a man named Cristhian Bahena Rivera, and


Why Abolishing ICE Is a Legitimate Option

When you go onto the official website to view the history for U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement, a short paragraph describes its creation in 2003, its separate offices and its annual amount given. It also provides opportunities to read news stories based on ICE agents’ recent arrests and various ways to contact the agency. Public safety should be taken seriously, and America is very much afraid of another 9/11, yet that fear has become unreasonable

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Destigmatizing Tarot and Wicca

A witch. A Satanist. When I talk about being Wiccan, people immediately assume those things about me. The word pagan is a worse word, invoking thoughts of blood and animal sacrifice. That’s because it’s what we have been led to believe that these religions practice, and unless you really research these religions, that is all you know of them. Until recently, I had no religious affiliation, and even when my mom’s friend read my tarot


A Serial Killer is After the Black LGBTQ Community Again

Florida is known for many things. Sunny beaches, Disney World, and being a place where everyone can relax. But recently, I read an article that stated Florida is now being known for the murders of five black LGBTQ+ members. As a Criminal Minds fanatic, the details of this case sound like something worthy of the BAU to investigate. However, the article continued that there has been no luck in suspects and with all members being


The Social Media Rise and Impact of Wrath Month

If you didn’t know June was Pride Month for the LGBTQ+, you must have been away from all technology and failed to leave your house. Advertisements from companies selling rainbow clothing and selling multi-colored snacks such as Oreos are posted on billboards stationed in highways, pop up on social media pages, run on TV screens and radio stations, and are printed on magazines and newspapers. Internationally, parades and rallies went off in June to celebrate


The Importance of the Tommy Adaptive Clothing Line

Finding clothes can be a struggle for everyone. But for those who don’t fit the norm of mental health, finding clothes easy to wear and incapable of being difficult can be even harder. Fortunately, adaptive clothing for those with disabilities is on the rise. Despite being released in April, the Tommy Adaptive clothing line has not received as much media attention as it deserves. Inspired by the fiftieth anniversary of the Special Olympics, Tommy Hilfiger


Companies Coming Out As Proud This June

June is recognized typically as Pride Month, where LGBTQ+ members are able to share their experiences during parades, marches and other social events. This includes recounting the long history it took for being a member of the community to be acceptable socially and legally and for discussing the hardships and issues that still face LGBTQ+ identifying members today. Recently, retail store H&M has stated that they are going to become involved with the celebration by


What My Body, My Choice Really Means to America

The historic case Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 and set the act of abortions to be federally legal. That gave the impression the discussion on abortion and female reproductive rights were protected by the government, due to citizens having the right to privacy. However, it is 2018 and we still have issues with female body autonomy. In March, an official speaking for President Trump called America a “pro-life nation” before delegates of the

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Weighed Down: America on Eating Disorders

  I recently read an article about the New York Time’s section called “Obesity: The Big Picture“. As I was browsing through the New York Times, there were some interesting, body positive articles but a majority of them were negatively assessing the increase in obesity and the pressure to lose weight. In one article, the commenter states that Americans choose to eat unhealthy foods because it tastes better. That this is despite the extensive healthy

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