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What the Disposal of Rape Kits Means for the #MeToo Movement

CNN recently reported that, nationwide, over 400 rape kits were destroyed by police departments before the statute of limitations expired or before prosecution. According to the report, 80% of the kits were never tested for DNA and kits were kept in police evidence lockers for weeks or months after receiving them. This has been occurring since 2010, and only now is it being investigated completely. The investigation shows disturbing stereotypes that law enforcement has used


Opinion: Voting for Nancy Pelosi Isn’t About Voting for Her

On Wednesday, November 28, Nancy Pelosi learned that she will be a candidate for the House speaker, a decision that will be finalized with a floor vote in January. The odds looked pretty good for Representative Pelosi. Granted, her sole competitor Representative Marsha Fudge from Ohio dropped out and instead endorsed her, yet Representative Nancy Pelosi still faceed a challenge. Earlier last week, 16 Democrats wrote a letter openly stating how Pelosi is not fit


The Power a Name Holds: A Look at the Sweep of Renaming in India

After India’s Independence Day on August 15 of this year, India’s cities and towns began to change. Not with any political or social movements, but with the names these cities once had. Bombay is now Mumbai, and Calcutta is Kolkata. This isn’t the first time India has renamed cities and towns. Historically, many countries have renamed cities so what India is doing isn’t that unusual. In the span of three years, India has seen multiple

Real Life

The Two Kinds of Firefighters Battling California’s Fires You Should Know About

California is on fire. The state has been ravaged by wildfires and the death toll has risen while people’s homes were lost. Thousands of people have left their neighborhoods, yet some people choose to stay. Some people choose to look for those who are missing in the rubble, choose to stop the fires overtaking homes. These people are firefighters. One group of firefighters at work in California are inmates. About 1,500 prisoners joined the California Department of


Matthew Shepard’s Death Still Matters

He was found on October 1998 in Laramie, Wyoming by a bicyclist. He was tied to a buck-rail fence and the cyclist mistook him as a scarecrow. Matthew was kidnapped, robbed, beaten and left to die. He was found 18 hours after the attack and was in the hospital, comatose. Two men were found and convicted of the crime, a crime committed because he was gay. Matthew’s parents instantly became involved in the gay community,


Here Is Victoria’s Secret

The famous Victoria Secret Fashion Show last Thursday exhibited a multitude of models and lingerie, but what really stole the show was a published interview Vogue submitted on the same day. Chief marketing officer of L. Brands Ed Razek and executive vice president of public relations at Victoria Secret Monica Mitro discussed diversity. Mitro discussed the diversity at first of Victoria’s Secret, with models using their natural hair and being encouraged to speak for themselves. Razek


Why The ‘V Word’ is So Important

In America, the Constitution’s amendments grant power to the citizens. With the 15th Amendment, black men were able to vote. With the 19th Amendment, women were able to vote. Voting was something that everyone wanted to do, could be involved in. A right that all citizens in the United States had and can use to mold the government in the way that they wish. Of course, just because of the amendments, that didn’t mean these

Mental Health

We’re Anxious Because We Need to Save the World

We’re anxious. Specifically, Generation Z is anxious, according to Time. In total, more than 90% of Generation Z, a cohort from people aged 15 through 21, have anxiety. The cause is social issues. The American Psychological Association released an annual report that said those in Generation Z have the most stress than any other cohort. While the report focused on interviews with those who are 18 and older, there were also interviews with people from


The World Is Dying And It’s Our Fault

The United Nations released a report last Monday, where the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that there is only 12 years left to maintain the global temperature at 1.5 Celsius. Even half of a degree can mean that the chance of droughts, floods, fires and extreme temperatures can affect the lives of people all over the world. For those who may not be environmentally knowledgeable, there is a distinct difference between global warming and


Nikki Haley’s Resignation is Important- Here’s Why

The announcement of Nikki Haley’s resignation seemed incredibly random. Officials within the White House were caught off-guard when reporters asked about the circumstances of her resignation, because they had no idea she was planning to resign.  In the Oval Office on Tuesday morning, President Trump and Nikki Haley discussed her leave casually and calmly, the two exchanging compliments. President Trump explained that she told him about six months ago that she may want to resign,

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