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Local Georgia Officer Brazenly Admits That “We Only Kill Black People”

A local Georgia officer is under fire after he is caught on dash cam attempting to placate an agitated white driver.  He is seen in the video to have told the passenger, “But you’re not black! Remember? We only kill black people.” The inflection in the officer’s tone seems to suggest that he’s joking about the matter. Despite this very minute detail, the fact that he would even have the audacity to joke about such

Awesome AF Teens

These High School Journalists Uncovered a Major Secret About Their Principal

In a typically routine exercise, Pittsburgh High School journalism students stuck to a seemingly uncontroversial topic: their principal. In an interview between the teens and the principal, they simply inquired basic information about their new principal. According to one of the teens Trina Paul,  “She was going to be the head of our school, and we wanted be assured that she was qualified and had the proper credentials,” -Kansas City Star What the teens found out


More and More Trump Supporters Are Regretting Their Vote

In a time of such a seemingly polarized socio-political climate, the two sides of American politics have not been so starkly contrasted since the times predating the civil war. Often it is easy for both sides to get lost in their own beliefs and agendas but the vast and very rapidly growing difference between the two sides and their inability to compromise is extremely dangerous to the very fabric of our society. Radicalization is typically


Wealthy Cishet White Male Thinks His Life Is As Bad As Jews In Nazi Germany Because He Supports Trump

Tim Allen, best known as the dad from the 90’s sitcom ‘Home Improvement’, is worth well over $80 million dollars. From a quiet life in suburbia as a young child, to living in the world of riches, fame, and success for well over 40 years, it could be said that he’s made quite a name for himself. Up until recently it would be safe to say he lived a safe, privileged, non-oppressed life but according

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