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Why Black Hair Is An Art Form

The art that is called black hair. It is often appropriated,underappreciated,and ignored. It’s adored by people outside of the culture and often desired to be touched and imitated. While we can all probably agree that black hair is truly extraordinary most people don’t know the history behind the styles. As someone who has worn her hair in afros, braids, twist, locks, straightened, pressed, has donned wigs, and natural I found the subject intriguing and decided


You Don’t Deserve This: Abusive Relationships 101

Abuse (v): the act of repeating behavior to consistently have authority or possession over another person. While abuse is rarely taken seriously and acknowledged it is very evident in today’s society. We see it in trend of possessive girlfriends refusing to allow their boyfriends to have female friends and demanding to search through his phone. With men who pressure their wives, girlfriends, friends and colleagues into sexual acts. It’s apparent even amongst celebritiy couples such


Zootopia: The Wokest Children’s Movie of All Time

From afar Zootopia (one of Disney’s more recent releases) appears to be just the average kids movie. It takes place in what one could assume to be a “first world” capitalist democracy much like the U.S. but the country is completely unknown. The plot’s premise is the average life of a human in an animal world. More importantly an animal’s utopia. The movie centers around a bunny named Judy who’s lifelong dream has been to

Mental Health

The Struggle With Being Happy

“Things will get better,” this phrase seems to be the paradigm used when someone is attempting to help someone who is sad. And, as nice as that sounds. Sometimes it sure doesn’t seem like it. For someone who continues to struggle keeping a positive “happy-go-lucky” mantra going on a day to day basis I can’t even begin to express how upset I get when people say this to me. Sadness or any other emotion aside


What It’s Like Being A Vegan of Color

   My whole life I have been surrounded by meat and meat products. Around October 2015 I transitioned to a vegetarian (with intentions of eventually withdrawing from all animal byproducts and slowly going vegan) and an overall plant based lifestyle. While this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal (being vegetarian, or vegan specifically is all the rage these days) there are a plethora of conflicts because of my identity. As an African American

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