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This Priest Just Called Out The Racism Against Migrants in Mexico

I was standing outside the church I go to with my family. A man approached us; he seemed undeniably confused and desperate, and simply asked us for help. He was a migrant who tried to get into the United States, but like many men, women and even children experience daily, he didn’t make it. We told him he should go to a shelter and we even told him the address, we gave him money and watched

Why You Should Know About Saint Martin of Porres: The Black Saint of Latin America

To be completely honest, the first time I’ve ever heard about the life of Saint Martin of Porres, patron of mixed race people, was last Wednesday. His feast day is coincidentally on November 3, so I thought it would be good to remember him for the day, religious or not. Some people whine when minorities ask for representation or simply don’t acknowledge the fact that having a bond with a historical or current figure can be very

What’s Wrong With Being Part of Mexico’s Indigenous Population?

On Monday, my classmates and I went to a kindergarten to practice and help the teachers in charge. As it was truly one of the best experiences of my life, I still have a bittersweet taste from that visit after what two of my classmates witnessed. The scenario was like this: there were approximately four or five kids per table, and in one of them, my classmates heard a girl (a literal four-year-old girl) say

The Erasure of Mexico’s Black Population

In a country as diverse as Mexico, full of multiculturalism and habited by people who are a complex mixture of indigenous, white Spanish and even some minimum African blood, you would expect fair treatment for everyone. But as every country, Mexico is not immune to what people call “harmless” racism. One day, I was inside a convenience store and decided to look around all the promotional images and the faces of the products in search for a

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