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What All Activists Should Learn From Daryl Davis

Daryl Davis is a blues and R&B musician who’s played with the likes of the late Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. Despite his immense musical talent, his greatest talent of all may be his ability to knock down strong racial hatred by using no other tool than the power of empathy and love. In three decades, Davis has convinced 200 individuals to cut their ties and end their participation in the Ku Klux Klan. These individuals


The Importance of Art in Resisting Trump

Art is powerful. It has the power to bring on fresh perspectives, to shine a light on topics that too often go under the radar, and has the ability to shape the way the public thinks about the world. But recently, the arts have been under attack by the Trump administration. Although Republicans have often stated that organizations like the NEA are ‘wasteful’ with tax money, President Trump has gone a step further and has


5 Ways To Be Politically Active From Home

For one reason or another, it can be hard to be politically active in the traditional way and attend rallies and town hall meetings. From your school and work schedule constantly conflicting to not being quite old enough to go by yourself, there are a lot of reasons you may miss going out to support your cause of choice. Even so, there are many ways you can still be a part of whatever it is that


Trans People Are Not A Threat

President Trump recently issued an attack on transgender rights, revoking previous protection put in place by President Obama. For Americans that support Trump’s action, their reasoning is usually something along the lines of, ‘This is a positive thing because it protects us from men who are sexual predators using these laws to commit sexual assault in women’s bathrooms.’ But fun fact; There are zero reported cases of that ever happening.  In an article published on Mic, Vincent Villano,


What You Need to Know About the Democratic Leadership Debate

On Wednesday (Feb. 22), CNN hosted the Democratic Leadership Debate and showed a bent but not broken party still trying to recover from the devastating blow of the last presidential election. The debate was to find the new chair of the Democratic Party, the winner of which will play the largest role in deciding the future stances of the party. There were eight candidates in all; Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Pete Buttigieg, Jehmu Greene, Sam


Taylor Swift’s ‘Feminism’ Is Dangerous

Let’s state the obvious; Taylor Swift has taken over the music industry. She’s the highest paid musician of 2016, making more money than Beyonce, Jay-Z and Justin Bieber combined. Her last album, 1989, was the highest selling album of 2014, and she has over 83 million followers on Twitter. With that type of following, it’s amazing what kind of influence Swift has on popular culture. Which is exactly what makes her brand of “feminism” so

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