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Depression Rose in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

When talking about the impact of natural disasters, people mostly discuss death tolls, the economic burden, damages to infrastructure or outbreak diseases. What about the mental stabilities of those still surviving, though? Don’t they matter, too? When Hurricane Maria first struck Puerto Rico back in September of 2017, Puerto Rico became black as the electrical power grid was completely destroyed, leaving 1.5 million people (half of the population) without electricity. The damage was estimated to


Danica Roem: Inclusiveness Is the Only Answer When It Comes to Politics

A ten-year-old transgender girl once got severely bullied at school; she tried to jump out of a two-storey window. One day, she saw Danica Roem on the news and thought: “How can a transgender do such things, regardless of all the struggles? Well then, if Danica can do that, I can do that too”. Who is Danica Roem, really? Two days ago, I saw this picture on Twitter which showed Danica kneeling and crying after she


The Suicide of an Uber Engineer May Have Been Caused by Corporate Racism

Last April, news broke about a wife who tried to sue Uber for “killing” her husband — Joseph Thomas’ wife blamed Uber for its unsupportive job environment that led to his suicide in August 2016. Originally from Atlanta, Thomas taught himself how to properly operate the computer, eventually gaining the recognition as a computer engineer. Attracted by the $170,000 salary, Thomas decided to leave his former job (a site engineer at Linkedin), to become a software engineer at


When Diversity is Opposed: Religious Group in Indonesia Thinks It’s Illegal for Student to Wear Hijab on Billboars

In December 2016, there was a controversy between Sanata Dharma Catholic University and the FUI religious group. The simplicity of the issue might surprise most people, as it was only about FUI demanding Sanata Dharma’s billboard advertisement to be taken down. Why? Because there was a student wearing hijab on that billboard. Yes, FUI thought that it was illegal for Sanata Dharma to show a hijab-wearer student since the institution was a Catholic university. Educators and leaders


University Students in North Korea

On Feb. 22, Indonesia’s online newspaper called The Jakarta Post wrote an article regarding job vacancy in PUST (Pyongyang University of Science and Technology), one of the best universities in North Korea. A year ago, I wrote an article about an undercover journalist named Suki Kim, who surreptitiously became an English teacher in PUST. Students going to PUST are the ones who come only from wealthy, noble family. How is the life of a student

Real Life

Zain Asher: There is Beauty in the Struggle

Back in May last year, I was so fed up with everything that was happening in my life. I craved to study literature abroad; as a result, I attempted to apply for a undergraduate scholarship in Australia. My mother strongly opposed my decision by refusing to pay for any living cost — if I ever got accepted by the university through scholarship. I knew I was crazy to even contemplate about studying abroad, considering how high the currency


Sultana, the Amazing Afghan Girl who Fights for Her Education

Eating my 8000 rupiah lunch in a local cafeteria, I overheard some girls talking about their acquaintances: “Oh my God, I am so freaking annoyed at Mirna. How could she be so clueless? With a face like hers, she will never get a boyfriend. Damn she really needs a plastic surgery, don’t you think? Oh, do you know that…” Not trying to be a hypocrite, I used to also relish in the act of gossiping. Even


Issa Rae: Killing the Stereotypes of Black Women on Mainstream Media

Popular cultures always depict black people in a certain type of way. Most of the times, black people are only used as props to their white acquaintances. These stereotypes can be seen a lot in every Hollywood movies and “New York Times appointed” bestseller novels — black women are constantly pictured in mainstream media as sassy, loud, bold, ghetto, and aggressive. All of these are wrong, obviously black women’s attitudes should never be limited to

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