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Why You Should Never Turn Down A School’s Exchange Opportunity

Throughout my middle and high school years, I’ve been lucky enough to study in a school where languages and travels are considered important. In fact, every year, we had a school trip, some of them abroad. That is how I got the chance of going to Rome in seventh grade and Florence in sophomore year. However, those aren’t the only possibilities we’ve had of traveling abroad; based on which language we were studying, some of

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Trump’s Comments On Paris Attacks Once Again Show His Apathy

On November 13, 2015 in Paris, 1,500 people were watching Eagles of Death Metal perform in a beautiful theatre while 80,000 were attending a friendly match between France and Germany in the biggest stadium of France and a couple others having a drink with friends. It could have been a regular Friday evening in the capital but, unfortunately, ISIS had decided otherwise. Three attacks happened almost concurrently in these three locations causing 130 dead bodies,
Real Life

Cambridge Creates A New Online Game To Fight Fake News

According to studies, 7% of American people fully believe in everything online-only news publications share and 14% of the respondents of a survey made in late 2016 have, before, shared fake news wilfully. These numbers show us how easily fake news is spread and believed on the internet. It is, in fact, becoming an important concern for quite a lot, such as a research team at Cambridge University who searched for a way to expose fake news


The Amazing Result Of Jérôme Jarre’s Project To Help The Rohingya

A little bit more than a month ago, The french influencer Jérôme Jarre asked for our voices to help the Rohingya who, since late August, have taken refuge in Bangladesh due to the Myanmar genocide. He posted a video, on November 27th, explaining the life conditions of the refugees and asking anyone watching it to share this truth with the world so that big firms could help this population. However, as they did not react to

Why Electing Misses Is Wrong

Last Saturday, a new miss France was elected and my friend and I stumbled on the channel during our sleepover. This election, as well as many others, is watched every year by a huge part of the inhabitants of the country and I never thought much about what it meant and what was wrong with it until last weekend. When the show appeared on television, this was my view: 30 women wearing the same outfit,

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