Diet And Mood: An Overlooked Relationship

The impact of our diet on our overall happiness is a fact we take for granted. Yet changing our diet to improve our mental health is an often overlooked stage of self care and treatment. Your diet isn’t something can just be ‘fixed’, it’s part of your overall ongoing treatment plan, and should be treated as such.

Why I Choose Therapy

The process of choosing to take part in treatment and recovery is far from easy. You are battling against not only your own mind, but also society’s minimisation of your condition that continually makes you believe therapy and/or medication would be an overreaction. Confronting my mind is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but its makes it easier to live with myself.

How Modern Self-Diagnosis is Flawed

The use of online assessments to self diagnose mental illness is damaging the conversation surrounding mental health. While there can be barriers in the way of achieving a full profession diagnosis, seeking professional help is a necessary element of self care.

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