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We’re Becoming Desensitized to Gun Violence

It seems that everywhere you look, there’s gun violence. At some point, it has become a regular event to see it on the news. The only word to describe the feeling when details of the latest shooting flashes across my screen is suffocation. Whether it’s at a school, concert, or mall, you can’t escape the looming threat of gun violence. It’s practically everywhere. When news of a shooting at a video game tournament in Florida flashed across


The Future of Transgender Military Members is Uncertain

President Donald Trump is continuing his attempt to prevent transgender military members from serving. After federal courts thwarted his attempt at a ‘ban’ in July 2016, he’s rescinded his last policy to enact a new one. It will limit future recruits based on criteria that are developed through “extensive study by senior uniformed and civilian leaders, including combat veterans.” The criteria were released in a memo from the Pentagon on Friday, March 22. It detailed specifics that disqualify transgender

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Shaken But Not Torn, the Story of Rack

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and the death of the Gollihue’s family son left them shaken up and grieving. It also inspired them to interpret their late son’s legacy with not only a Facebook presence but an international presence. With their faith and dedication, they cultivated a movement called RACK, or Random Acts of Cody Kindness. It promotes spreading generosity and friendliness through simple or complex expressions to better the community. It started

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My Ventures Into Social Media Extremism

"How much harm does propaganda from social media cause?" I realized the cases can be extreme. In fact, it doesn't just cloud the mind of a mislead prepubescent girl, it also allows for hate to breed and makes terrorism easier by spreading misinformation and speeding up the recruitment process. 

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Santa Feeds Into the Hands of Consumerism

Santa is a capitalistic icon who promotes consumerism around a season that originally began to commemorate the birth of Jesus among Christians and later included sentimental gift giving; however, it has changed over time. The creation of Santa is one of the main reasons for this remarkable shift, along with cultural changes. Let’s start with the creation of Santa. He developed harmlessly from Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was a Greek Bishop who was notorious for


Colin Kaepernick and the Dying Cause

Although awareness is slowly dwindling, Colin Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter movement still remain important. People are still being unjustly shot and whether widely acknowledge or not, they still matter. Even if they’re not a shade of black or brown, we are still united as a cause. The U.S. has continuously disrespected veterans. This is casually ignored. We disrespect veterans daily by allowing our veterans to unceasingly be homeless. One third of our homeless

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