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You Can Listen to Victims of Sexual Abuse Whilst Preserving “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Ideology

With a current surge in victims coming forward to make allegations of sexual abuse, there are irritating outbursts of refusal to listen to these victims on the grounds that a person is “innocent until proven guilty.” On the surface, this seems fair enough, but people have failed to acknowledge the damage this kind of response can have on victims who come forward and victims wondering if they should do so. We live in a society


Your Islamophobia Fuels Radicalisation

An anti-Muslim sentiment has grown rapidly in the Western world ever since the events of the 9/11 attack  in New York and the 7/7 bombing in London. Multiple terror attacks have taken place for which ‘Islamist’ terror groups have taken credit and as a result, the fear of Muslims in the west has increased. Portrayal of Muslims in media is almost always negative and many people seem to be oblivious to the impact this can


Sexual Harassment in UK Parliament Proves What Women Have Been Saying All Along

Over the past week or so there have been numerous allegations of sexual harassment and even rape made against male MPs from both the Labour and Conservative party. Interestingly, these have come soon after the many allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood big shot, signifying a rare moment in history where women are less fearful of coming forward to shame their abusers. Allegations range from inappropriate comments and touching of female co-workers to


White Fragility Is Keeping Racism Alive

Recently, a group of Cambridge students petitioned the world-renowned university to “decolonize” the English syllabus by adding black and minority ethnic (BME) writers to the reading list. Once the media caught wind of the letter, written and signed by students, they began a frenzy of outrage at white authors being replaced on the reading list. The British newspaper, the Telegraph, placed a black student, Lola Olufemi, on the front cover with the headline “Student forces Cambridge


Black is Black: It’s Time to Unite and Stop Dividing Ourselves

Over the years, I’ve seen many divisions within the black community, whether it’s been light-skins vs dark-skins or Africans vs Caribbeans. I’ve never really understood why these divisions would exist, after all, we all are essentially from the same place and for the most part, our struggles are the same. In primary school, I would hear black boys insulting black girls by labeling them ‘blick’ – meaning they were too dark. At the time I


Confused Christianity: The Misguided Focus of Theists

‘Let him that is among you without sin, cast the first stone’ – John 8:7 GNV. Jesus said this to the religious leaders of the time when they wanted to stone a woman to death as punishment for adultery. He called upon them to recognize that her ‘sin’ was no greater than any of theirs. The quote has become more and more relevant over the centuries as religious groups continue to peddle hate speech supposedly

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