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RIP Cleavage: Since The Dawn Of Time – 2016

Whenever I think of Vogue, the first thing that comes to mind is Madonna. Even now, the black and white iconic video is running through my head. I’m not going to pretend I’m a continuous follower of Fashion, I don’t really care for Marc Jacobs’ opinion on what style of trouser shouldn’t be worn this season. However, I found it a little hard to ignore that Vogue U.K. have declared that “cleavage is over.” “The

Mental Health

Being A Victim Of Abuse Isn’t For You To Comment On

{TW: Abuse I apologise for anybody who may read this and experience discomfort, that’s not my intention at all}  Domestic abuse is pure poison, something so terrible that I could only wish that nobody would experience it. So in that retrospect, I can’t speak for those who have suffered physically at the hand of somebody else. But I do understand what it’s like to not be believed, for many to assume that you’re a liar, looking

Mental Health

The One Book We All Need To Read

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always connected with literature. Growing up in an environment where I had trouble expressing myself and coming up with my own identity, it was comforting to gain a love for something that helped me get out of my shell. Over the years I’ve adapted into different surroundings, my interests have changed with every new stage of my life, I’ve gone through events my younger self wouldn’t have


#3000Children – Is This The Britain We’re Supposed To Be Proud Of?

I’m sure most are aware of the history of Great Britain, anything but great ironically. For as long as I’ve been socially aware, I’ve felt nothing but disappointment with how this nation presents itself, that’s even before we tackle our role in colonialism. I could go on forever over the history of Britain but for now I’ll stick to current events, just know that nothing has changed when it comes to our actions. Monday 25th

Mental Health

I’m Proud Of How I Handle My Mental Illness, Not That I Have One

There’s a common opinion lately that mental illnesses are being romanticised, maybe that’s the case for some. For example, I’ve witnessed many express their want and desire for a relationship like that of Tate and Violet from  American Horror Story. Anybody who has seen that show should understand why that is not a healthy goal to aspire to, despite it being fiction. However, I have also witnessed attacks on people for doing nothing other than


No Edwina, Harassment Isn’t A Compliment. But Is Anybody Surprised That You Think So?

Hardman expresses what is unacceptable in the workplace Source: Isabel Hardman Forces MP To Apologise For ‘Sexist’ Smear And Sticks Up For Women Journalists Sexism in the workplace has become the lead debate among key figures in the U.K. after Isabel Hardman shared the exchange she had with an MP recently, suggesting it’s something women in the lobby shouldn’t have to put up with. But with like every debate, there is always somebody to make

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