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Dear Straight Teachers, Please Use More Inclusive Language

I wish I attended a high school that was inclusive. The foundation of my high school is centered around equality but, in all honesty, the majority of classes that the students are enrolled in seem to be premised off of the exclusion of others. While that statement may seem extremely blunt, these situations, unfortunately, aren’t just seen in my high school. In a study conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), secondary


We’re Not Racist, You’re Just Uneducated

As a senior in high school, discussions about college applications and college, in general, penetrate every classroom. Seniors scramble to finish their applications on time and others laugh on the sideline at the grueling process while admissions decisions slowly file out. With these discussions, comes the competitive comparison between every individual: SAT scores are compared, ACT scores are weighed, and GPA’s are ridiculed, and for some reason, white people get threatened. Affirmative action is surprisingly debated


The Presence of Anti-Blackness in Marginalized Communities

Photograph by Adam Fagan I’ve written many articles surrounding my identity, and more specifically, my struggle with being Asian American. But as I try to find more articles and books surrounding things like the model minority myth or even yellow fever (also known as Asian fetish), a reoccurring topic I can’t seem to escape is the anti-blackness constantly present in Asian societies. The Huffington Post is very adamant in characterizing this phenomenon: anti-blackness in the Asian American community


Milliken vs. Bradley — The Court Case that Shaped Education

For the past few months, education has been a wildly controversial topic. Ranging from Betsy DeVos and her voucher program, to President Trump and his tax reforms aimed at private universities, these issues have impacted students and families across the United States. In my high school, I participate in policy debate, an activity that allows me to discuss a myriad of arguments without a filter. From debating about government policies to institutional racism, this year’s


Trump on North Korea: Who Really “Won’t Be Around Much Longer”?

The growing issue surrounding President Trump and North Korea has just been magnified once again. On September 23rd, a 3.4 magnitude earthquake struck North Korea near its nuclear test site, causing speculative claims surrounding the possible detonation of another weapon designated to strike the United States. Even with the South Korean president stating that the “earthquake was natural and not from an explosion,” Trump has sparked more conflict with recent developments that the United States military


The Model Minority Myth and the Damage That Comes with It

Out of the myriad of times that I have complained about my math abilities, a singular phrase comes out of everyone’s mouth: “You’re Asian, you should be good at math.” I remember when I first realized that being “Asian” meant something more than just an ethnicity: it was more like I had to be smarter than everyone around me. If I wasn’t in honors and AP classes, it was a signal that I wasn’t Asian enough.

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Political Correctness: Necessity or Nuisance?

Photograph from Pixabay “10 years ago, there was no such thing as being politically correct.” “I wish we didn’t need to always be so PC, it’s not fun anymore.” The act of being ‘politically correct’ has changed vastly in the past few years. Especially in a new age where language is fluid and more pervasive, people have taken the idea of being politically correct to the extreme. For me, being politically correct means being mindful


Trump Just Crushed a Bunch of Dreams… Again

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced on September 1 that on Tuesday, President Donald Trump will make his final decision surrounding the end of DACA or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: a program that allows more than 800,000 “Dreamers” to come to the United States. Under this program, immigrant youth are able to come protected to the United States; pausing the eligibility of them being deported and allowing these people to obtain a


Let’s Evaluate the Impact of DeVos and Trump on Education

As a high school student, I often wonder if the education that I am supposedly garnering is worth the amount that it costs. Although I attend a public school and live in a relatively wealthy neighborhood/ have substantial privilege in attending school, the United States is greatly falling behind in its education system.  In fact, it’s probably worse than imagined. Of course, there are documentable achievements in the United States’ education system that show “improvement”.


The Consequence of Fracking in the 21st Century

Fracking is the process of releasing natural gas within rock in the Earth. The term fracking refers to the actual fissure of rocks being fractured apart by high pressure — it first originated in the 1950s when the economy needed to find new oil and gas wells. The birth of modern day hydraulic fracking began in the 1990s. It originated through George P. Mitchell, who combined horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing. The process of horizontal

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