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Everyone Jiggles, Even Lady Gaga, and That’s Okay

America relaxed back into their seats last night at the end of the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl LI, a game that would soon make Super Bowl history as the first Super Bowl game ever to go into overtime. Somewhat skeptical of the performer, America watched in judgment as Lady Gaga took the stage for her 13-minute Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl Halftime Show. A performance eloquently designed around a solid political statement, Gaga voiced


To Our Anti-Feminism Ladies: We’re Still Going to March For Your Rights

Yesterday, men and women gathered together in major cities across the world: Washington D.C., New York City, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Barcelona, and many more. Together they marched to show the new president their numbers, which are too massive and too loud to ignore. The #WomensMarch served as a safe haven for all walks of life to stand together in unity without judgement, and to show our new “president” that we will not be


Possum-Headed Traffic Cone Trump is the President — America, We Can Get Through This

Audra McDonald said it best on January 19, 2017. Remember, tomorrow we are not crowning a king, or bowing down to a dictator. Tomorrow our new employee starts his temp job. We’re the boss. — Audra McDonald (@AudraEqualityMc) January 19, 2017 This is a scary time for America and for the rest of the world. It’s scary because there’s a shared sense of confusion: for our nation, our loved ones, and our safety. He is


President-Elect Trump Held a Press Conference in New York

This morning news channels streamed President-Elect Trump’s press conference in New York. After dodging questions about his tax returns and tweets involving “Nazi Germany,” and even telling one of the CNN reporters in the audience to “be quiet,” after he slandered the news organization, the nation is still left concerned and confused about their fate in these coming days as we inch closer to Inauguration Day on Jan. 20th. Trump did not speak alone this

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White Male Privilege Strikes Again: White Athlete Escapes Jail Time for Rape

In this week’s white male athlete privilege news, John R.K. Howard, an 18 year old former Idaho high school football player, has been permitted to plead guilty and escape jail time for a rape he committed in October 2015. On October 22, 2015, Howard, along with two other teammates, raped black mentally disabled teammate, Antwon McDaniel, in the Dietrich High School locker room with a coat hanger. Howard was originally charged with “forcible sexual penetration


Plane Crash Causes Mourning in Soccer Community

75 people are dead after a BAe 146 aircraft carrying the Brazilian soccer team, Chapecoense, crashed in the Colombian mountains on Monday. The plane crashed at about 10:15 pm on Monday night carrying 72 passengers and a crew of nine members. Though the cause of the crash is unclear, reports claim that the plane had reported electrical problems shortly before disappearing on the radar system. The accident, which happened during the team’s trip to the


Gilmore Girls is Back—Here’s A Feminist Guideline For Beginners

In one week, Stars Hollow will come to life once again. With the premiere of a four-part revival, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” debuting on Netflix on November 25th, let’s recap the show’s best feminist lessons, shall we? Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham, is a SINGLE MOM, and a kick-ass one. In the show’s premiere we find out that Lorelai had Rory (Alexis Bledel) at 16, she moved out of her parents


Having A Daughter But Still Supporting Trump is Contradictory

To the Trump supporters whom have daughters, how can you live with yourself knowing that the man you helped to elect is the man who is making it okay for the sexual assault of your child to be…acceptable? Or is calling women like your daughter ugly, or disgusting, or just a good ol’ piece of ass. You can support this man and have a daughter. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. By voting for Donald

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You’re Not Selfish, You Just Wanna Be Happy

From a young age, I always found it hard to let go of things when I grew out of them; clothes, stuffed animals, my strawberry 2-piece bathing suit. As I grew older, I would hold onto to more meaningful aspects of my life; relationships, friendships, other cute bathing suits. So naturally, I became a hoarder of feelings…and bathing suits. Many times I’ve tried cleaning out my life and my room, relieving myself of boys, friends,


JoJo Is Using Her Comeback To Talk About Body Positivity

Calling all JoJo fans… she’s back! After experiencing many highs and many lows, JoJo has returned and graced our presence with her impeccable voice. Recently, she sat down with the Huffington Post and discussed her views on body positivity and body image, and how she has chosen to deal with it while being in the public eye. When asked how she has been able to “navigate” the world of body image, positivity, and love while

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