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Knife Crime Is More Than A Postcode War

Within 24 hours of entering the New Year, there were 4 fatal stabbings across London. Incidents like this are not new to the city, but knife crime has admittedly been on an upward rise; in 2017, there were 80 fatal stabbings in London and a 24% rise in knife crimes from 2016-2017. It is easy to pore through heaps of numbers and reduce these lost lives to a mere statistic, but what is evident is that knife crime


Reverse Racism: White America’s Favorite Bedtime Story

Recently, NPR published the results of a poll they conducted, which shows a considerable number of white Americans believe they face discrimination. One of the participants who voted in the poll, cited his anger as ‘blacks’ always getting the first opportunity at a job over white Americans. White Americans believe their entitlement to everything not being catered to translates to a means of discrimination. That their centuries of “oppression” and “ostracism” from society has been at

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Does FIFA Disregard Women’s Football?

The Best FIFA Women’s Player Award was shrouded in contempt, Lieke Martens won the award, but one of the finalists was a little-known player who does not play in a professional league. The issue regarding her nomination is its implications on how FIFA views women’s football, as if it were the Best FIFA Men’s Player Award, a non-professional player would undoubtedly have not been made a finalist. Discrepancies surrounding women’s football have long existed, from


A Revolution Is Coming: The Rise Of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour And UK’s Youth

The General Elections saw the Labour Party gain 32 more seats, more than much of the nation had ever foreseen. It was one of the greatest voter turnouts for any election in the UK for a long time, but more so for young people. The narrative that has always been fed is that ‘young people don’t care about politics’ or ‘they don’t know enough to have a say’. This was put to the test, as


Sorry: The Note Will Explain Everything.

In the U.K., there is a serious epidemic going undetected. It has raged on unabated and nobody seems to notice. Every year there are thousands of suicides, but the reoccurring trend is that the vast majority of these suicides are committed by men. In 2014, there were 6,122 suicides in the United Kingdom; 4,630 were committed by men. That’s approximately 76% of all suicides in the U.K. being carried out by men. It is evident


From Hobby to Career: Why We Fear To Take The Jump

Sometimes, you don’t know where you stand with your future as an artist. Especially when textbooks are still photobombing the bigger picture. Making the decision to turn a hobby into a career is a daunting one. The prospect of abandoning the conventional route of going to university can be doubly difficult when your parents don’t support the decision. To us, it appears they don’t believe in our talent, but in truth they are just being

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