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Betsy DeVos Just Reversed a Policy That Could Hurt Millions of College Students

Every policy-making decision taken or announced by any member of the Trump regime seems to be indicative of us as a society taking 100 steps back into a dark and recessive past. A past where women were are stupid and just emotionally unbalanced by nature, where a racist is a cool thing to be, where the state of our planet doesn’t matter, and where the economy isn’t constantly on the brink of a recession Now

Real Life

6 Tips For Becoming a Morning Person

Summer is officially ending and with the end of the summer vacation starts the months-long struggle to rise in the early hours of the morning to go to school. If you’re anything like me, then you know that waking up energized and ready for the day is the night owl’s equivalent to asceticism and requires great sacrifice from those of us who just need ‘five more minutes please.’ 1. Drink water right before you go

Mental Health

Here’s What Happens When You Google Depression

After announcing that they are “making significant investments in health, wellness, and life sciences,” Google has now added a questionnaire after you search depression in the search engine. The National Alliance on Mental Illness worked with the internet giant to create an assessment for people who could possibly be depressed to gauge whether they should seek help. This is huge news considering that only 50 percent of people who are depressed actually seek treatment. When


Why Is Trump Sad to See Confederate Statues Being Taken Down?

The Nazi rally in Charlottesville has woken some people up to the racism this country has endured for hundreds of years. Others, like Trump. either don’t see the fact that there is a problem that needs to be addressed or simply won’t address it at all. In a series of tweets, the president of the far-right expressed his contempt for the country’s ‘beautiful’ Confederate statues being taken down. He even equated these Confederate leaders with


Stoned Chinese Emperors and Gatsby Era Reefer Songs: The Blunt Truth About Marijuana

Marijuana has been at the forefront of many political debates recently. With the amount of attention and controversy surrounding it lately, it seems like the substance and use of the substance is newfangled. In reality, marijuana has been an important factor in the health and psychedelic transports for millennia. The first recorded use of reefer dates all the way back to 2737 BCE when Chinese emperor Sheng Nung wrote about its uses to treat malaria,

Mental Health

Hearing Colors and Feeling Sounds: Unlocking Synesthesia

As children most of us probably had dreams of being superheroes with amazing superhuman abilities, and although humans as a species are still working on their collective ability to fly, some of us have unlocked otherworldly potential in the form of synesthesia. Synesthesia is a greek word that means “to perceive together” and that’s pretty much exactly what happens in the mind of a synesthetic- their senses overlap and they perceive some things with multiple

Celebs, Op-ed

The Jenner Brand Tried Capitalizing Off of Biggie’s Death and We’re Not Here For It

Let me introduce you to the new trend in marketing and sales: dead celebrities. It seems like nobody can rest in peace because someone else is always ready to use your likeness on cotton blend and sell it for a profit. If not your face, then your suicide note. Take Urban Outfitters for example, who came under fire a couple years ago for selling t-shirts with Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. The retailer has since taken

Real Life

Marxist Slips are Sociocentric

I attend a school zoned in one of the most expensive zip codes in Miami, a city with one of the highest costs of living in the United States. It’s easy to assume that everyone that attends this school is loaded. Yachts, million-dollar homes, the latest in technology and fashion, that’s what you’d expect, right? I did too when I enrolled, and yeah, at a glance, that’s how it seems. I’ll admit I felt a

Real Life

What Not to Say to People in Long Distance Relationships

After writing an article about long distance relationships in the past, my significant other and I were bombarded with invasive questions that we’ve since learned are commonly asked to others in the same situation.  So, to the friends, relatives and acquaintances of those in long distance relationships, maybe just think before you speak, please? Oh, and if you have asked any of these questions in the past, don’t do it again. “How do you guys


Everyone Wants What They Can’t Have: Beauty Around the World

Standards of beauty vary from country to country. The westernized Kardashian-esque standard of beauty is, surprisingly, not the norm in many parts of the world. The ‘slim-thick’ figure many strive to achieve with shapewear and cosmetic surgery is not a global standard, but the lengths taken to achieve this image are comparable to those taken by women and girls around the world. There is one trend, however, that is universal: everyone wants what they don’t

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