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Move-In Day Can Be Stressful, But It’s Worth It

Summer is coming to an end and many first-year college students are getting ready (if they haven’t already) to move into their college dorms. For the most part, it can be exciting — from buying different things for your dorm to texting your roommate about who’s bringing what appliances. Everything leading up to move in day is exciting and it gives some nerves, but for the most part, it’s thrilling. Then move-in day actually happens.

Real Life

The Pressures of Education in Europe and the U.S.

This week in my AP Spanish class, we talked about the differences between universities in Spanish-speaking countries versus the ones in North America. For example, campus life in Spanish universities practically doesn’t exist, as opposed to universities in the U.S. When choosing colleges, one of the main focuses for many seniors in high school is the campus. Is it big or small? Is it safe? How’s the social life on campus? In Portugal and all


Michael Slager Is Found Guilty of the Murder of Walter Scott: Why This Is Important

This morning, ex-South Carolina police officer Michael Slager was found guilty of the murder in the fatal shooting that killed Walter Scott. “I miss my father every day,” -Miles Scott, Walter Scott’s son. The police and law enforcement have shot and killed 909 black people since January 2017. How many of these law enforcers have been help accountable for their actions? The answer is not enough. According to Dr. Philip Stinson, a researcher at Bowling

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